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Shannon M. 0:08
Hi ladies, I am Shannon Mitchell, a black millennial business owner, the founder of shallow glow LLC, an all natural skincare company that helps you glow from head to toe. I am a champion for your daily self care, business care and intentional wellness.

Christine Gautreaux 0:21
Hey, y’all. I’m Christine Gautreaux, a white social justice advocate and international speaker, coach, published author and dancing social worker who helps you upgrade yourself and community care.

Shannon M. 0:35
Together we are women connected in wisdom, a podcast grounded in the eight dimensions of wellness.

Christine Gautreaux 0:39
And we like to get together every week for intentional conversations between us and special guests about how to be wise in business relationships and wellness. How do we do it all in the midst of caregiving in the midst of peopling in the midst of our jobs and our families in the holidays? Because I see behind you for those listening. Watching. You got your Christmas tree up?

Shannon M. 1:04
Yes. You know, I love the lights. They always bring so much joy. So after Thanksgiving, I like to give it a I like to give the holidays the space, right? We know that we like to buy stuff so immediately starts getting cold all the Christmas stuff goes up because that is the biggest one of the bigger grossing holidays right. But I like to give space to each one. But yes, during this time, we go ahead and put up the lights for some joy.

Christine Gautreaux 1:26
Right. And then will you decorate after Thanksgiving? Is that what happens? We have

Shannon M. 1:30
little bulbs on here. Right? Yeah, they’re like the same color of the lights. So I love it.

Christine Gautreaux 1:39
I love it. Yeah. Well, I love that it brings you joy. And I would invite our listeners and even ourselves today to just take a moment and pause and think about something that brings us joy. Now, I don’t know about you, but the energy has been kind of wild between the full moon the lunar eclipse the election yesterday. And

Shannon M. 2:05
just like it was Portage that’s supposed to be going on. I read about that. Is it oh, people are going to be tight.

Christine Gautreaux 2:11
You’re right. Just so much. I was really bummed with the election results coming out of Georgia. I wasn’t there. I’m traveling right now, as I said, but I it was weird not to be there on election night. bummed about our gal Stacey Abrams, and who we quote in our book woman connected wisdom because she’s a wise woman. And I’m bummed that she lost the race and so proud of all her work in our state in what she does to uplift people’s voices and just grateful. And And y’all, we’re heading to a run off for the Senate seats. So you know, we’re gonna be talking to you about voting, because that’s, I believe it’s going to be January 6. That’s ASCII. Yeah, pretty sure it’s January 6, but we’ll confirm that as we get closer.

Shannon M. 2:57
So yeah, yeah. And this season has been amazing. You know, there’s been so much going on around us so much that we’re working on. So when we talk about how do you make sure that all of that is good for me that season. It’s been, I wonder what some of my wisdom and actions are, I can go back and look, but for me, it’s been breathing, right? I know that somewhere on the list, holding the boundaries and being connected, but the conference was so good, you know, and I need to go back and listen to the to spiritual, the replays since I had to go to work, but it was so good. And I’m so excited to hear everything everybody has to say once they listen to their replays.

Christine Gautreaux 3:36
Right? Yeah, it was amazing. And I was looking back, you know, we started this season that we’re wrapping up today. We started back in September. So this is a season that went through most of September, October. And now here we are in November. And I just think about as as the season itself is changing, like we’re changing our season here. But yes, since in the last season is when we had the book lot, right, the right before we had the book launch. And then we had the pot at the conference. So thank you to everybody who’s been with us through that time. And he’s listening live, and we’re so grateful. But let’s talk about some of the guests we have and also the resources as we’re going. I mean, we’re we’re here at holiday season is right around the corner. So let’s talk about wellness and how do we what are some things our listeners use already for wellness? If you’re listening, put us a comment in the give us a comment and we’ll bring you into this conversation. Or what uh, you know what we’ve been talking about the last year and a half like what are some things that bubble up for you Shannon that you’re like, Oh, you remember this guest I’m going to use that.

Shannon M. 4:52
Yeah. And so two things right one you said what do our listeners use our ready before we see who comments and what they say. We know that People sleep. Right? Even if you have insomnia, hopefully you’re sleeping at least a little bit. And so when you said that it reminded me of Dr. Dalton Dalton Smith last week, Sondra Dalton Smith and how she was talking about sacred risks. Oh my gosh asleep what you need? Or do you need the creative rest? You know, do you need the sensory register? That makes a lot of sense?

Christine Gautreaux 5:21
Can I tell you that episode stuck with me? Like I’m still thinking about last week’s episode. So if you are listening to this one, and you didn’t get a chance to listen to last week’s episode, y’all go check it out. Her. The thing that stuck out with me about the creative rest was when you’ve been producing, like we have like the books, the conference, things like that. What brings you creative risks. And it was when I had the epiphany of Oh, me watching these reality TV shows about people creating stuff like begging shows, or, you know, the glassblowing shows or even the makeup shows, that brings me creative rest, like looking at other people’s artwork, and the beauty of that. And she said

Shannon M. 6:03
nature, right, like natural nature. It was. It was interesting when you said that because I thought you were going to talk about So You Think You Can Dance. And then when you mentioned the shows, you mentioned all these shows that I watch, right? And I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance but again, now I listened to or now I watch the bad auditions. But yeah, I’ve also been thinking about that on the intellectual wellness side, too, though, right? Doing all the salary positions this year, building the businesses thinking about things as an entrepreneur as a higher level manager in a restaurant, right? How do you balance your intake of information and actually applying it for me, I have to take that risk. And I think that’s part of the creative risk, too. And that’s how I had thought about it, but not in that category before. Right?

Christine Gautreaux 6:47
Yeah, I want to I want to sit with what I want to sit with that episode for longer. And I want to sit with some of the things she taught us. And oh, I forgot to tell you because I took it while we were on air last week about the quiz. Yeah. Oh my gosh, okay, y’all. So I did the quiz that she gave us online. And I’m gonna pull it up and tell y’all because it was fascinating. This is a follow up from last week. So let me pull it up in the rest quiz. And we will put this in our show notes again, because it was fascinating. And you know, I was of course doing it while we were talking but I was like, here we go. So she sent it the next day. First of all, it came right away. And then it said quiz results for the rest quiz test. And this is what she said. It she gave us a different types of rest the physical the chance to use the body and restorative ways to decrease muscle tension, reduce headaches and promote higher quality sleep. Mental rest is the ability to quiet cerebral chatter and focus on the things that matter. The spiritual West is the capacity to experience God in all things and recline in the knowledge of the holy, who isn’t that lovely, recline and the knowledge of the holy, emotional the freedom to authentically express feelings and eliminate people pleasing behaviors. Yes, social the wisdom to recognize relationships that revive from the ones that exhausts and how to limit exposure to toxic people. Sensory rest is the opportunity to downgrade the endless onslaught of sensory input received from electronics fragrances and background noise. And then the creative will rest which is the one that popped for both of us the experience of allowing beauty to inspire all and liberate wonder. So then she gave the personal rest deficit assessment results. And so and they came in scores. What it said was like if you score a 16 to 25, you are experiencing rest in this area, but with thrive with some more. If you Oh, wait, let me back up. If you score zero to 15, you’re getting adequate rest in this area. And then the 16 is 25 you thrive with more 26 to 35 you’re feeling the effects or the lack of rest and need to change. And if you score greater than 35 Your life has negatively affected by your lack of rest in the area. Are you ready? Do we need a drumroll to so you know I said I was affirmed by our conversation last week because I felt like we have been you know we practice what we preach and we really do our best to do our practices. So I didn’t have any over 35 Good job. I had one that was in the 26 to 35 range of you’re feeling the effects of your lack of rest and that was the physical rest because remember I was sleep Yes. And then the rest let’s see the most of them were you are getting adequate rest but you’re you would thrive with More was was were most of them. So the one that I was absolutely doing the best 10 was my spiritual risk score. Good. I did not. I was good. Everything else, I could use some more. But yeah, it was.

Shannon M. 10:17
Yeah. And that that is my score to take. But I think that, you know, like as a foundation that I mean, and I’ll share my story too we talk about that right how my spiritual wellness and me operating from a place of validation instead of for validation and trusting that everything works for my good is what kept me focused and steady and all of this stuff, you know, if it was not for that, then the physical stress and the or the pool and all this stuff, you know, it’s, then it’s why I do it. And then I feel like that’s where a lot of the anxiousness and anxiety comes from people when they see all the energy that they’re putting in. And the money they have leftover. What is it for? Where’s the country going? And then here goes this spiral that we started doing, you know, so one, good job on your scores and making sure that you’re rested? Thank you for taking care of yourself. Right?

Christine Gautreaux 11:07
Yeah. Well, I also loved how she identified the places that I mean, she was really about saying it, but like, where, where do you want to focus on right? And definitely the physical one is is the most right now with lack of sleep. So I thought that was really interesting.

Shannon M. 11:24
Yeah. And again, ladies, like for me, it’s the if we don’t work a certain way, that’s not going to change, right? If inflation is increasing prices, and the pay rate is a certain amount, and you need X amount to live and pay for your expenses and then Thrive above that, then that means out of 168 hours, you might be tired, if you have 3.5 of beauty, labor, and unpaid home labor, which is the second resource I was going to mention Laurel and Starks resource with the research Oh app, and the mental and emotional well being of entrepreneur is it’s, this is how we feel. This is why you know, it’s not just us making it up or complaining about it, it’s this is what it takes to really get all this stuff done. And it’s either going to be our time, or somebody else’s. So that’s why I’m so excited for our community that we’re about to start and everything we have come in for next year. So we can get those other things to to the right levels of risk.

Christine Gautreaux 12:22
Right, Laurel and start was such a treat to have her both as a guest last season. And then as a speaker at the at the conference, it was over those statistics were incredible. And so y’all will be using some of those in our upcoming social media. So be on the lookout for him because she was just top notch. And if you didn’t listen to her episode this season, you want to go back and catch it because powerful work. And she also gave all our listeners a free month of her research. Do we always are we saying that? Right? We’re sorry.

Shannon M. 12:54
So she she said that we could use that to say right, I say research. Okay, how do you say?

Christine Gautreaux 13:00
I think that’s right. I always doubt myself, right? When I like, oh, it was a year right? You know? So yeah, but she gave our listeners a free month off of that app, which was so generous. And y’all check it out. It’s cool. It’s for executive one, entrepreneurial women and executive women. I think it would work great for two but she’s got masterminds in there. She’s got just support and help and just

Shannon M. 13:24
awesome. Yeah, yeah. And I love that is based on research. You know, again, this is not just a saying, oh, a woman needs support. So let’s put together a group. Now we’re affected by physical things, things, you know, all of these different factors that affect this on top of the work stress on top of being an entrepreneur, which is already a feat in itself. So yeah, you know, she has her research done and her team that’s helped her make sure that the system is actually doing what it’s supposed to. That’s something I love about what she does too.

Christine Gautreaux 13:54
Well, and the statistic that I’m still sitting with that she shared was it was like seven out of 10 entrepreneur, women are affected by mental illness. That’s a that’s a big statistic. And it’s something when we think about emotional and mental illness that we need to be paying attention to. And and what are the resources we need to help support our mental health and mental wellness?

Shannon M. 14:22
Absolutely. And for me, what it points to is, why is that, right? Because of are we able to use our voice? How can we articulate when we need help and what’s going on? Right? So that’s why I love what we’re doing because I feel like it answers so many of those questions, right? You can have the community you can have the hey, I need help automate automating my social media. I don’t know what the caption should be. And you could have a CEO who’s written for all these different people and she can help you you know, and that that she’s done that for our group, because we have other people that do that, but she could if we needed her to win. That’s where some of the rescue come from, you know, sharing the stories like yeah, so I wasn’t going to do that didn’t happen, this is what happened instead. And instead of feeling like you’re behind, and now beating yourself up, and here goes, another snowball, it’s okay, I just had to readjust my expectations. Look at the context of the situation I’m in, and then give myself some grace and try to get tomorrow.

Christine Gautreaux 15:19
I love that part about giving yourself grace. And I, that makes me think of Dr. Cynthia Phelps who came on and talk to, you know, fan of the show, were a fan of hers with inner ally, and came and talked about self forgiveness, right, came and talked about, how do we soothe our souls. And I think that’s an especially important thing for us to look at as we’re going to holidays, as we are, you know, going into the winter months, which can be really hard for some people that if they’re not getting out in the sunshine, or getting out and socializing for their social wellness, I think it can be a challenge. So I know that Dr. Phelps has an upcoming workshop on forgiveness that we’ll put a self forgiveness that we will put a link in our show notes, because she’s also offering a woman connected wisdom discount, so we’ll make sure and give you that code. So you can have that and sign up. Because it’s either starting in December or January, but we’ll put a link to it so you can find out. I

Shannon M. 16:22
think it might be January, if I remember what she said correctly, right? Yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 16:27
That’s such a great resource, right? And I had after she spoke at the conference, I had a friend call and was talking about self forgiveness. And I was like, Hey, did you listen to that? Did you listen to the workshop from dark fest? She’s like, Yeah, I did. And I was like, take her class. Like, that’s what women connecting was, it was all about, like, if you if it sparks something in you that you’re like, Okay, I want to explore this further. Or I want to go deeper. We have the folks that you can do that with, right. Yeah.

Shannon M. 16:56
Yeah. And that makes me think of Kate arms too. Right is Hold on. Let me make it is arms is her last name,

Christine Gautreaux 17:03
right? Yep. Kate arms from? She’s on psychological safety. And

Shannon M. 17:08
exactly. Yeah. And that is that is so important. I was telling my ally, I said, I talked about you in the podcast and how you helped me in these situations. But yeah, you know, it’s important to, to do that for yourself. And that’s a reason why I’ve stayed connected. You know, when all this stuff was going on, right before COVID. During COVID. I said, You know what, I’m just gonna take some time for myself, I’m gonna stop talking to so many people have over it, you know, and I had this group, but I had church and I had new or my network marketing group, I was part of it. I said, I don’t, I need to step back, I stepped back some from some positions. But I did not completely disconnect. I figured that wouldn’t be the healthy decision that might cause some other things to happen, right. And I’m so glad that I did not do that. Because as I started building the businesses, as we started working on all this other stuff, the right people were there in the right way. And that’s what we need. That’s why we need community, you know, it’s not just a village raises a child, you still need a village and a team and all this other stuff.

Christine Gautreaux 18:10
You know, what I’m thinking about what bubbles up for me when you talk about that is, you know, here we are rapidly approaching the end of the year. And I know we do it with women connecting and wisdom and the work we do together, but really taking a look at what’s working in our lives right now. Like what is working and give gratitude and affirmations for what’s working. And then do a little I call it a self audit, right? I tend to do them on their birthdays. And we tend to do them at the end of the year. And I’m lucky because I’m a summer birthday. So it is doing twice a year. June,

Shannon M. 18:44
I do it at the end of December. When is your birthday again?

Christine Gautreaux 18:48
June 22. So June 22. Yeah. And so I do I do an audit then. And then at the end of the year, so I’m already starting to think like you know, what’s really worth looking? And then what are things I might want to change. And it could be little changes. It doesn’t have to be drastic changes. But I was thinking about, I think all our guests touched on it a little bit this season, about if folks or relationships or things aren’t working for you, you know, how do we how do we change that? Or how do we? And so I think I know for me and my schedule, and I wouldn’t be shocked if yours too, because I know how busy yours is. And most of our listeners, right? Yeah, I think one of the first steps one of the first incremental steps is taking upon us in listening, like listening to our bodies and listening to ourselves and asking the question, what’s working? Because if we’re so busy that we can’t even ask that question. We definitely can’t affect change. Right.

Shannon M. 19:52
So good. And then I think it’s also what’s working in and maybe not every time but a question I realized it was really Important ask is What do I want? You know, like, if you’re looking at your work schedule and overwhelmed by the day and you’re like, is what I have on this list working for me? Well, what do you need that day to look like? You know, is it rest? Or is it No, I need to the other night, I stayed up till about five o’clock in the morning doing stuff. Okay, I was up. And I know we’re supposed to get rest. I was thinking about Sandra said, You know what, I’m gonna get this done. Because this has been on my mind, we need to get this stuff done. But that’s, that’s I gave you mental rest exam

Christine Gautreaux 20:31
I gave you. So I like to you saying that, like you stay up late, I like to get up early. So a couple and I used to get up way earlier than I do right now. Because heading into winter, I like to, I like to snooze a little bit. But I have found what really works for my rhythm is if I get up once a week, super early, and literally roll over into my office chair. I mean, I go across the hall, but you know what I mean? That I start the day with work and knock out two or three extra hours of work before the regular, that gives me you know, it’s a little bit diving into the physical rest, but deficit, but it gives me a mental rest. Boost, because then, you know, I knock some things off. And I really enjoy those really quiet moments.

Shannon M. 21:21
I like that. And I like it because straight to work. You know, I’m taking notes. So I like it because I don’t like to fight with myself right? On staying in position on staying in a relationship. If I have to argue with myself. I’m looking at that, right. And so part of my discipline, as I’ve worked on my discipline, and consistency and diligence over the past few years, it’s no do your stuff first foreign to yourself first, don’t go to these other people before you take care for. So it’s a no no redirection. But maybe one day a week, maybe two days a month. If you go first, maybe that’ll help me like, Okay, I’ve got this stuff done. And I’ll still rest during the day, you know, but I like that.

Christine Gautreaux 22:05
It’s one of my practices that I found works for me. And I would be curious what our listeners if they have a practice that is outside of the norm, quote unquote, or if it’s something you know, that might be counterintuitive outside of your schedule, or because I mean, I love routine. And I also love to disrupt my routine. So that’s what those mornings kind of do for me. It’s like they not only do I disrupt my routine, but I also do it with a burst of activity. So

Shannon M. 22:32
yeah. Oh, I have a question for you. So we talked about seasons changing and affecting how that changes how you might want to get up, right, you get you get up a little bit later in the wintertime. Do you feel like it’s easier to get up early after you have kids? Or is it easier for you? Or has it always been easy for you to get up early?

Christine Gautreaux 22:55
Well, I’ve always been an early morning person like I, I’m, I just do better when I get up before the sun. And it took me years to figure that out because I used to rebel against it. And then I really started listening to my body rhythms. And I was like, oh, like I have a better day. If I get up before the sun. Even if I’m more tired, I might take a nap later. But I kind of listen to my own bio rhythms enter, like that works for me. Now my sister never was an early bird. She always likes to sleep late. And so I think it’s still harder for her even with kiddos like when she was nursing. It wasn’t hard for her. She was awake and had extra hormones in her body. But once she stopped nursing, she’s back to wanting to sleep. I had the voice this morning for a couple hours so she could sleep in because she rarely gets to do it. Right. Yeah. I mean, they are early birds, and which is kind of funny.

Shannon M. 23:55
I hear what you’re saying on that. Okay. I was just wondering if like the children keeping you up late and waking up early, if that makes it more realistic for you to get up. And then people just keep their schedule, you know, because again, as somebody who works in the hospitality industry schedule is all over the place. So if I work 70 hours a week, however much in one job right, then does it really matter if I’m up before the sun? This is without asking my body right me asking my mind? Does it matter if I’m up before the sun, if I still spend the same amount of time on the back end? If that’s when I’m productive? That’s when I’m productive. And I know people are different. I’ve just been trying to figure it out. Like as I shift into my new schedule that I’m about to make, should I try to wake up earlier? Or should I just instead be okay with staying up

Christine Gautreaux 24:40
late? Right. And I think when I teach an interplay, we talk about inner authority. We talk about what we talk about body wisdom, body data about knowledge and body wisdom, right. And one of the things we talk about is body data. So what that is is the bits and pieces of what is your body telling you What? So make a note of it, you know, kind of keep track, you’re really great at journaling and keeping track. So just note, okay, today, I mean, it seems a little anal at first when you’re doing it, right. But if you’re truly trying to figure out what is your most productive best time, what I work with my clients on is just okay, jot down, I woke up, I felt and didn’t have to be long like, and then kind of check on at the end of the day. Was your day more productive? Did you have a slump? Did you take a nap? How did you just kind of notes to yourself, right? And then so that’s the data. That’s the bits and pieces. Now, body knowledge is your kind of gathering up the data points, the bits and pieces. And from that you’re starting to create a pattern. So like, my body data was like, Oh, I feel better when I wake up before the sun. Oh, that’s not just a fluke. Oh, I’m more productive. Oh, I get that. Oh, my moods better? Oh, did it you know, so I was gathering all those data. And from that knowledge, I was like, Okay, you need to get up before the sun if at all possible. And so. So that’s the knowledge. And then the wisdom is, well, actually, let me back up. So the knowledge is, I do better when I get up before the sun. So the wisdom is in the action, like our wisdom and action, right? What I love is that I’m gonna get up before the sun if possible, and greet the sun because I feel better when I do that. Now, is that true all the time? No, sometimes that changes, right? What I love we just had in the United States, we just had our fall back day, we’re back to standard time. And we always gain an hour during that time. And so that always makes me feel incredible because I’m up before the sun.

Shannon M. 26:45
And I was thinking about you the other day, I said, Okay, it’s gonna start getting the sun is gonna come up earlier, what do I want to do? And of course, is dictated by my work schedule and stuff right now to you know, if I’m at work to whatever time then I’ll maneuver how I need to, but I’ve been meaning to ask you that question. Right? Oh, yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 27:03
Thanks. Yeah. So what is something besides sleep, that you want to gather like your inner authority on that you want to gather as you look at towards the end of the year, as you look, turn to new schedule? What is something like? And when I’m when I’m teaching classes, often, I’m it’s about sleep? It’s about rest, not just sleep. It’s about joy. And, and what do we want? What brings us joy, we kind of started the show with that. But what are things we know? People, places, things that we know, bring us joy? And and that we love, and we’d love to be around? Because actually, I’m just gonna say this as we head into the holiday season, like so many times we do things out of obligation, or that we should or we think or what, but what I want to challenge our listeners to start thinking about and we’ll we’ll talk about it as we as we come even closer, is what truly brings you joy in the season. Because I know like for me right now it’s going outside and walking in and seeing the fall foliage, right. And if I’m walking with a loved one and get to hold their hand, that’s just even better, right? Yeah. What about you?

Shannon M. 28:23
Yeah, love that. playing in the park, as well as for linen, flipping, and spinning and skipping and Piedmont Park the other day. And what else definitely family time, you know, that’s why we do all of this stuff I look forward to. And I believe my purpose is included in helping women get wellness And all of these things to write. But that’s also a part of me and my journey. So I love spending time with family. And that’s what I’ve had the time to do this past week, seeing my best friend see my little brother seeing my dad. And that brings me joy, making sure that I’m in all the different roles that I want to be in life. You know, again, we talked about it a lot at the beginning of the podcast, Sherry Reilly in exponential living, stop living 100% of your you stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are. So having a balanced timeline, is what I look forward to getting my inner authority on, hey, I want to days off, and I still want to make X amount of money in other days. That’s what I look forward to gaining.

Christine Gautreaux 29:27
Right? Yeah, I think it’s a good time of year to check in with ourselves and find out like, just what we were saying what’s working, what’s not what do we want to change what I mean, we may not want to change anything. We may not have the ability to change things, right? You know, we if you’re in a caregiver position, and you are really in the thick of it, it may be a challenge just to go outside for five minutes. But if it brings you joy, like let’s figure out a way to make it happen if at all possible, even if it’s for a minute, right Sometimes, what brings me joy is just looking at the moon. And so I’ll just step out and look for a minute at the moon and breathe, right?

Shannon M. 30:09
Like she said last week, you know, just closing your eyes for five minutes. If you can’t close five, close it for a minute, just reset for a second.

Christine Gautreaux 30:17
Hey, y’all, this is a great place to take a break. Take a deep breath, and hear from our awesome sponsors that make women connected and wisdom podcast possible. Shana, we’re so grateful that Shayla glow is the sponsor of the women connected in wisdom podcast. And I wanted to take this moment to ask you when you think about the people who use Shayla glow, what are we talking about?

Shannon M. 30:42
That’s a good question. I think about three groups really, one, the group that’s removing hair, right, so whether you’re using laser hair removal, waxing, shaving, you got to make sure that you’re putting back what you’re taking. Now the second group, I think about those with dry skin, and the problems that that might cause right, the scars, itching, burning, whatever the situation is, you definitely need all three steps, right? The exfoliation making sure you’re taking the dead skin cells off the oil, putting in the moisture, and then the shea butter with the aloe sealing it helping you heal those things help both groups, right. And third, for the third group is those with chronic illness. You know, the story is personally from cancer and different diseases that our population is dealing with on a daily basis throughout families as individuals. So I’m thinking about my mom and my grandmother and those around me with the same generational ties, right, and what positive healthy habits, we can start to make sure that we’re maintaining our wellness, especially because the skin is like the cape, the exterior the the shield for your immune system. So with COVID We have to be intentional about covering ourselves. And those are the groups I think about. I love it.

Christine Gautreaux 31:55
And you know what else I love about your products? It’s all natural, handmade, and it smelled great, y’all. So yay.

Shannon M. 32:04
Yes, Esthetician tested and approved. Yes. Yes. What about you? When you think about your company? What groups of people do you think about? Well, you know, I

Christine Gautreaux 32:15
work with individual coaching clients, I work in community classes and with corporate teams, and with all of them, I use a strength based embodied approach to help folks connect with themselves and access joy, reduce burnout, and build resilience. You know, especially during these times, I think we need it, I think we need all the hashtag partnership power we can get. Yes. We have a thing in Interplay called the one hand dance that, that our co founder, Phil Porter always talks about it being like a mini vacation. So what he does is he’ll put on his favorite piece of music, and he’ll close his eyes, and he’ll just let his hand move. So he’s engaging his body and his senses with his music. And if he closes his eyes, it really feels like he’s not with whatever he’s working out or what’s going on. And it really is like a mini vacation. So so that’s a resource and a tool that I use often for folks and with my clients and with myself. A one hand dance, one hand dance, and if your whole body needs to get involved, that’s okay, too. Because, you know, I have my I have a playlist which I’m, it’s time for me to refresh it. But I have a playlist that’s my go to, like, I have a playlist like if I need to shift my mood, or if I need to get stuff done, or I need to. And she wasn’t a guest on this season, but has been a guest on our show before melody Luberon. She’s one of our authors and speakers. She has a playlist called Music for decluttering, which I love out with a song called too much stuff, and starer Cole. And so it just makes me smile when I put it on. And so I have different playlists for different things I like to get done.

Shannon M. 34:05
Yeah, yeah, I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I have, like a workout playlist or a what are the playlists? Do? I have a tuning playlist in the morning to tune my energy since there’s been so much stuff going on? It’s okay, let’s get ready. And this is how we’re going to show up you know, but I like that I’ve been thinking about playlists for the different eight dimensions. Like a fight the amount of money playlist, you know, money playlist to play when I’m doing like my my transfers and stuff.

Christine Gautreaux 34:32
I love that. So Karen drecker. I’m gonna say friend now because we’ve done a couple of events together. She’s a musician out of California, and she has a song called money is coming to me easily and effortlessly. That’s fun. We’ll put a link to it in the show notes. But I love it because it’s like an affirmation and it’s catchy. But what I really love is she collaborated with friends when she did the song at the end of this Long You hear them giggling and laughing. And I love that so much. Because it just reminds me especially like around finances, how we can get into our stories in our head and we can get like, you know, we can get really focused on. Or at least I can maybe I should just speak for myself. And to have joy in light, like our guest, last season was Davey wetter, talking about divine feminine and bringing that into financial wellness. And how do we do that with prayers and intentions and manifesting? You know, I think, you know, I’m a huge resource, Gao and different tools, so the more we can have, I think, the better. And for our listeners, like there’s gonna be some that you may be like, ya know, that one didn’t work for me, or Yeah, that one worked really great. So if you if you have some that we recommend that you love, let us know y’all let us know on social media, or let us know, by shoot us an email at women connected in wisdom, like, reach out and be connected.

Shannon M. 36:12
One of my other favorite parts of the last season was Skyline coming all the way from Alexandria, Egypt. Right?

Christine Gautreaux 36:21
Right. And reading the point woman, her point woman that if y’all did not catch that episode, please go back and listen to that episode. It was phenomenal. And I’m so grateful to be connected across continents now.

Shannon M. 36:37
Really, really? And I’ve been thinking about her like, how would we? How would I have met all the ladies that we’ve met? Not just in the five years that you and I have been doing manifestation Mondays? But in the past two and a half years? How would we have gone to all these different places had it not been for technology? You know, so I know, we talked about social media and the effect of it, but I’m really excited for when we connected and wisdom to be one of those positive spots for people. Right.

Christine Gautreaux 37:05
And speaking of that, y’all if you haven’t liked and subscribed, please do to on your favorite podcasting app. And also, if you love our show, we’d appreciate a review. Because it really does help us. And it’s an easy way for us to support each other. And if you have something like that, that you want us to check out and support you let us know, because we that’s what we’re all about. We’re about uplifting each other’s voices. If you have an idea for the show that fits into the eight dimensions of wellness, we’d love your input on that. Or if you have a great guest haven’t go to women connected and And they can fill out and check us out. Yeah, cuz we have some really exciting stuff coming up. And we’d love for you to be a part of it. Or if you have somebody that you know, and love that you want to be a part of it. We’d love for them to come and join us. Yeah. And I

Shannon M. 37:53
want to lift up something Felicia said to she was talking about the conference about purpose and passion and how your purpose is going to make space for you. Right? And how even for the book, she said, I remember who she said, she said, Oh, no, I haven’t thought there’ll be great for the book. And she was trying to give it to everybody, but herself be the person. So it might be you. He might be thinking about a list of people. And it might be you. So you know, just remember to say yes, for yourself to and hold the door open for wellness and everything that you have coming for you because I’ve been there too. Like, no, it’s not for me. I have I have somebody great for you, though, when you are the great one. Right? Yeah. Did we touch on all

Christine Gautreaux 38:33
of our authors that we had last season? I want to make sure and call their names because it was such a good season. I’m so grateful for them. All of our guests. Yeah. See, I fill in the book mode with the author’s?

Shannon M. 38:47
I think we did. Yeah, we did it because we thought about the conference. And that’s when all of our speakers came on. Coach Cole was on Cynthia Phelps was on Shannon IV was on. We talked about baby winter, we talked about Jake JaJuan we had a great season last last season, you know, so things from all over the place, whether it’s creative, or again, research backed technology or you with yourself, and the inner ally cards is beautiful. How usually you would think about those separate but they really do go together.

Christine Gautreaux 39:18
Yeah, they do. They do. Yeah, it was. It was a lot. And I’m grateful. I mean, one of the things that, you know, people often ask us, How do you do it every week? How do you do a podcast? I mean, this is episode 92. And right and what I realized with our guests last week about sacred rest like it, it fills us up like it’s not draining like I don’t get done and and be like, so exhausted. I feel so good. It’s like cool, right? It’s like, oh, we just had that work session. Oh, we just got to do that. And that is what we’re creating y’all with women connecting and wisdom, that we support each other, that we lift each other up and that we we Help each other Shine. Oh, look, we were calling Joanne’s name. My friend and you’ve applied so late in Egypt, holy cow.

Shannon M. 40:16
Sending you love, right? But yes, in talking about sacred rest to ladies, we do have some breaks coming up. So it’s the holidays, we have some trips, some travels some rest and rejoice. So please make sure when you’re subscribe when you’re on the page that you know, the dates that we’re going to be gone and resting for the end of the year. And we’ll make sure that you are informed ahead of time so that you know what’s coming up.

Christine Gautreaux 40:42
Right, well, and then the other thing is, that’s also a great time to go back and catch an episode that you may have missed. Like to go look at some of our titles and see oh, I want to check out that one. Because I think there are three, maybe three people who’ve listened to all 92

Shannon M. 41:00
was a third person. Okay, so Joe, we know, Satsuma,

Christine Gautreaux 41:04
sativa. And then I heard between me and you

Shannon M. 41:08
know, so I think I went back I went back on listen to the social the week of the podcast. I have not listened to 92 episodes.

Christine Gautreaux 41:19
You’ve been a part of them, you should pay to people.

Shannon M. 41:25
No, not even gonna flex on the podcast. Okay.

Christine Gautreaux 41:29
That’s all.

Shannon M. 41:32
Okay, and shout out to that comment. I’m on I see. You said women connected and wisdom forever. I love that because I used to say Wakanda forever. But now we can say our thing forever, right? Because yeah, that’s that’s what we’re working for. And that’s also why we have this infinity symbol in the logo. If you guys have not noticed that the infinity symbol below the W that’s what it’s there for. So glad you caught that. JaJuan my wisdom and action Christine this week is Ooh, this is a great, this is a great question. I think I would like some I’m just gonna go hashtag keep going.

Christine Gautreaux 42:17
Yeah. All right, listeners. I see a couple of y’all out there. So what would be your wisdom and action? This one? I think my wisdom and action this week is going to be affirm what’s working. So I want to I want to look at what’s really working and affirm what’s working. And then probably a second one a follow up one hashtag let go of what’s not.

Shannon M. 42:43
So we and we’ve been letting go some stuff. We were talking about melody Luberon on the conference, I don’t need this. I don’t need that. I’m gonna need this. This is a touch. So old story gotta go. And we’ve been getting rid of stuff. So I don’t

Christine Gautreaux 42:59
know if I told you or confessed what happened after the conference. I had so much energy from the conference and how wonderful it was. I was supposed to be resting the day after. And I spent like eight hours decluttering and organizing, showing by inspired by Melody Luberon talk, and I was looking for something that I needed. And I just like got on a roll and just went for it. And I was like, Okay, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it’s what happened. So,

Shannon M. 43:30
Harry, you went on a decluttering binge? I went on a workbench, we’re just getting stuff done, right? No, but hey, if that’s how you felt and you you went with it sounds like some joy was sparked.

Christine Gautreaux 43:43
Right? Absolutely. Well and found some things that I’ve been looking for. So that’s always joyful, right? I love is.

Shannon M. 43:52
Yes. Well, again, 92 episodes 10 seasons Christine that means by that is it next season that we’re celebrating the 100th episode we go to your anniversary. Coming up, we have a lot of things coming for you ladies, so stay tuned. Christine, thank you so much. For everything we do have done to be a connector. You’ve always been a connector, but I’m excited to be here with you.

Christine Gautreaux 44:17
Grateful for you, my friends. So grateful for you for your work in the world for our collaboration and our connection for all the amazing women we have met and are still to me. And yeah, I am connected. Right.

Shannon M. 44:32
Shout out to the ladies. Okay, lady, so we will be back. Season 11 Episode 93. Next week Live at Five. In the meantime, don’t forget

Christine Gautreaux 44:42
be well be wise and be whole we’ll see you soon.

Satimara 44:54
Thanks for listening. This has been the women connected and wisdom podcast on air Live on Wednesdays at 5 pm Eastern via Facebook and YouTube Be sure to like share and subscribe be part of the conversation and get connected at women connected in