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Join Shannon & Christine as they chat about Financial Wellness with special guest Devi Wetterer.

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Shannon M. 0:08
Hi ladies, I am Shannon Mitchell, a black millennial business owner, the founder of shallow glow LLC, an all natural skincare company that helps you glow from head to toe. I am a champion for your daily self care, business care and intentional wellness. Hey, y’all.

Christine Gautreaux 0:23
I’m Christine Gautreaux, a white social justice advocate, and international speaker, coach, published author and dancing social worker who helps you upgrade yourself and community care.

Shannon M. 0:35
Together, we are women connected in wisdom, a podcast grounded in the eight dimensions of wellness.

Christine Gautreaux 0:39
And we like to get together every week for intentional conversations between us and special guests about how to be wise in business relationships and just wellness in general, how do we do this? How do we in the midst of chaos? Take care of ourselves? Right? Yeah, and there’s a lot of chaos.

Shannon M. 0:58
Absolutely. You know, and today, especially, we’re talking about financial wellness. So, of course, with COVID, physical wellness was affected. But like we’ve been talking about with jobs, occupational wellness, mental and emotional finances have also been affected. Right? And are women connected in wisdom definition, let me pull it up, is we’ll hop right into it. So we can bring our guests on stage and talk about a few things. For financial wellness, it is an intentional approach to your relationship with money as a tool, and includes stability with current finances, increasing positive financial behaviors like budgeting, reducing debt, saving, and investing. Financial Wellness incorporates knowledge and skills that helps to change behavior, reduce financial stress, and creation of a strategic financial plan to reach desired financial goals.

Christine Gautreaux 1:51
I love that. There’s so much packed into that definition. And we talk about it in the book, we give you the whole definition. And we have a couple of chapters on financial wellness. But the one that popped out to me today, Shannon is about like to reduce financial stress. Do you have practices? Because I was going through that today? And do you have practices to share with our listeners to reduce financial stress? Because we all get activated around money at one time or another?

Shannon M. 2:20
Yeah. And yes, I do. You know, and I’ve been thinking about the power of yes or no. And how when we’re using money as a tool, also want to look forward to spending the money that I use all this time to make right so separate the plate is one thing I had written down, I wanted to make sure I talked about today, like with profit first. And if you guys listen to the podcast, you know that we transfer money on the 10th and the 25th. Right, so separating it separating those taxes over so we have the tax money on time, we can use it strategically before us have this large woman connected in wisdom, you know, so old Shannon, if I would have had all that money in the account, that was the Shannon that went to Target for shoes, don’t forget the story, right? did not buy shoes spend $600. Okay, so separating it is the philosophy is that you were used to eating all the food on our plate. So when you separate it into the categories, it helps you make sure that you’re spending the right amount in the right areas. So that’s one, I’ll also say, making a plan, right, setting that budget so that I know, if I plan on spending $200 This month on my hair and nails. I get my hair done, I get it twisted every six weeks. So this month, I might have a little extra over here, you know, next month, if I go over, it’s okay, because we’re washing for the quarter. So making a plan so that I can make decisions with confidence and say, Yeah, let’s go out to eat, you know, we met at puppet Oh, no problem, I can be excited about it. Instead of oh, let me make sure that I have enough money. And the third thing I’ll say, and there’s so many different things that I do that we could talk about. But the question Do I need it this week? Right, we like to keep the backstock. And I was looking at the dawn earlier before we went to the store. We don’t need to do the refill of dawn. It’ll be at the bottom after we refill it. But if it’s at the bottom, that means we have enough for this week so that money can go somewhere else. And so being intentional about it, sticking to the plan and separating it so you can be intentional about the jobs that you’re giving your dollars is helped me get to where I am right now almost out of debt.

Christine Gautreaux 4:22
I love that. I love those strategies. And I love that you are I’m watching you implement them. And it’s been amazing. When you get activated when something’s not going the right way. Who do you reach out to? Or what do you do? Like if one of our listeners is listening and they’re like yeah, that’s all great shamans got it all together. But I’m over here and I’m a hot mess. And I’m stressed out and I am really struggling to even start step number one.

Shannon M. 4:56
Yeah. So for me that points not to the money but to Through the emotional and mental stage, right, so Shannon’s got to figure it out now. That’s great. And when I had $0, in my account, and that was door dashing, and I hit a car, I called Christine Gautreaux. And Joe vantrease, women, Canadian wisdom, okay? And not because Oh, you guys have all this money to, you know, pass me a million dollars and set up my life, but because you know, what if I could, because it would, right? But also because, hey, you’re talking kind of fast, let’s, let’s take a deep breath, and figure out what’s our next step? You know, and people like being connected to people like that. Even if you’re not always going to be able to help financially or maybe especially as women, sometimes we shouldn’t? What, Where do we actually need the support, and that’s where I check my situation, right? And see what I need from there. And it might be certain people, certain people, just like, the different dimensions, have different skill sets.

Christine Gautreaux 5:55
I love you bringing that up, because I was thinking the same thing. Because if I get activated around it, which, you know, we were having a conversation before I came on, right, I was so busy with the, with the book launch, like I let a few things slide that I shouldn’t let slide and I looked up, I was like, Whoa, I gotta invoice some folks. Right? Because on a day, I would have regularly done invoicing, we were launching a book, right? So, so not that I was trying to be really gentle with myself, because I was fine. I just needed to, you know, I prioritize something over something else. And so I have certain people that I call for that, like, I have certain people that I know can hold the space for me to be like, Alright, what’s your next step, your next step is to get on an invoice do and I might need a body double to do that, right. So for our listeners who haven’t heard us talk about body doubles. So body doubles are basically a person who holds space for you, that they are not there to do the work for you. They are literally there to ground you. And to they may or may be on a zoom, and they may be doing something else. So my person this morning, literally would go on mute, and would say give me a wave when you’ve done the next invoice. And I’d wave that come on, we do a little celebration, because you know, like, we’d like to stop and celebrate. Definitely. And then go to the next one, right? I like that. Because and you may have a bookkeeper that does that for you. Or you may have this or that. But whatever task you’re doing, I what I know for myself personally, is if the emotions are shame or blame or I’m not paying attention to what my inner ally is saying to me, right? About, Oh, you, you know, if I’m shooting myself, like, oh, you should have done this, or you shouldn’t have done that, or you shouldn’t you know, then that gets all twisted around. And I realized that that creates stress that I don’t need to create, right? Yeah. That it’s like, okay, take a deep breath. And you’ve got this right. Yeah, you’ve got

Shannon M. 8:03
Yeah. And Cecilia and I did that this week, we were body doubles. And it was scheduling. You know, I was I said hotschedules. Earlier today on one of our part of our call and schedule, other people’s schedules, scheduling my schedules, thinking about the money scheduling stuff for the conference, and I was okay. It’s not difficult to do one thing at a time, or just take it one step at a time. And she was doing hers and we did a good job. But yeah, just having somebody there and remembering that I have everything I need. If I don’t, if I had $0 in my account that day, I had what I needed. I didn’t need the dollar that it was okay.

Christine Gautreaux 8:39
That is I think one of my other strategies and tools and techniques is if I get if I get stressed out about it, I stop and I start with my gratitudes right. I have a place to live, I have gas in my car, I have things not to be taken for granted in these day and age, especially when you know prices are so high and things like that. It’s like okay, I got it. Yeah. So I am excited to bring our guest on do you want to read our definition one more time for our listeners and and then we will bring our guests on?

Shannon M. 9:12
Let’s do it. So financial wellness is an intentional approach to your relationship with money as a tool. It includes stability with current finances, increasing positive financial behaviors, like budgeting, reducing debt, saving and investing. Financial Wellness incorporates knowledge and skills that helps to change behavior, reduce financial stress, and creation of a strategic financial plan to reach desired financial goals.

Christine Gautreaux 9:42
Every time you read it, different things pop out to me. Alright y’all, I am excited to introduce you to our guests today. She is a friend and a colleague, Devi wetter is a transformational walk workshop facilitator. She’s going to have to tell me how to pronounce this day because I think that’s grounded. Oh, is che a monk Priestess of the 13th moon Mystery School and Interplay leader with a passion for leadership in self expression, creativity, spiritual development and inner awareness. She has dedicated her life to personal and spiritual evolution through various spiritual traditions. She brings her love for social artistry, performance, art, and improvisational play as an artist, poet facilitator and play group leader. Devi is the founder of sacred residency dedicated to women discovering their divine feminine essence, their inner magnificence and brilliance that resides within an empowerment within and empowering women as leaders, sharing their unique gifts and talents with the world, so in need of their medicine. My prayer is that each of us these prayers that each of us fully embodies their divine feminine while constituting an intimate partnership with our soul or body with nature and life itself. Devi also enjoys being a physical therapist as well as a healing art specialist. Her background in the healing arts led her to the discovery of her hidden talents for improvisation and embodied movement for individual and communal transformation. Speak in my language. Devi describes herself as an artist in residence, seeker of Truth, fascinated by the day to day wonders of life, dancing, the joy of being in discovering more of the inner glow that resides in all of us play and being in nature is where she finds beauty and grace. I am so excited to bring Devi up here and talk to us today. Welcome, Devi.

Devi Wetterer 11:49
Thank you. I’m honored to be here. And I also want to congratulate you on your new book and best selling. Yeah.

Shannon M. 12:03
Thank you so much.

Christine Gautreaux 12:04
I don’t think you know this. Devi and I were in Asheville, North Carolina, when my phone broke. And I have to give a shout out of thanks to Devi, because I woke up that morning, and I did not have phone, which my phone is it’s a lot of things. But one of the things it is is my music library for when I’m leading interplay, and that evening, I was leading Asheville interplay. And I don’t have phone. I don’t have speaker like none of that’s where I so I just popped up and I was like in Devi was coming. It was the first time we were actually meeting in person. We’ve been collaborating online, we’ve been doing other things. And I jumped out of the car. I was like, Devi, you gotta speaker. She’s like, Yeah, like you got music. She’s like, Yeah, we had it.

Shannon M. 12:54
Love it? Yes. And that’s what I love about women connected in wisdom, right? It’s not always the money. Sometimes it’s just Do you know the person? Do they have the resource? I don’t have it. Do you have it? You’re not using it. Great. Please. May I borrow your resource?

Thank you, Devi.

Devi Wetterer 13:10
Oh, my pleasure.

Shannon M. 13:11
I support it. My friend and the mayhem. What did we do? Right?

Christine Gautreaux 13:16
Today’s book launch, right. That was yeah, it was awesome.

Shannon M. 13:20
Yeah I think about even having to replace my computer, you know, in the goals that we have, like we said, using it as a tool, I did not expect to have to pay for a brand new computer right before the global healer Summit. But to be able to start with the gratitude and looking at what we do have that was at a different place than that day, when I hit the car. And that was sort of

Devi Wetterer 13:42
You know, our own inner, I call it our inner landscape, our thoughts, our beliefs, all of that play a role in how, you know, life shows up or how we attract. And I love that you brought that up. You know, and I know Christina and I were talking the other day about, you know, I’m planning on moving to Asheville. And I was like, What do I go, What do I do? You know, getting into all of that. And she had some cards from Wayne Dyer. And I love it, it was about letting go of doubt, which I think our listeners would hit, you know, you doubt if the money’s coming in and you doubt if this is going to show up, or if this is going to happen and the other was about abundance. You know, as we open up to abundance, we begin to open doors in our lives. So you know, there’s a whole difference between you know, lack and abundance.

Shannon M. 14:34
Absolutely. And I think that’s what we hit on and I would love to go a little more into on the show before we started and we were talking about okay Devi is this person that does all of these things, right? Why is she the person to come on and talk about financial wellness, but I think it’s specifically because of that, right? When we talk about dialing into all of who we are okay, make the money and then do what with That what type of person? Are you with the money? What how does that show up in your life? And what does that mean for your community?

Christine Gautreaux 15:06
Or what kind a lifestyle to you leave because daily, I think our listeners would be interested to, to know where you’ve been living and what you’ve been doing the last couple of years, because it’s been ridiculously fun.

Devi Wetterer 15:19
Oh, it has been the best I’ve, it’s my dream is to, like kind of gypsy lifestyle. And, you know, I’ve always loved traveling and bringing a free spirit. So I, it’s really all these sets of circumstances talk about being in alignment and coherence with what it is that you want to create in your life. And this, I bought an RV, used RV or use at a car, not a car lap, but a car dealership, got in drove it around. And the guy said, Well, we’re taking torque $10,000 off with it. Plus, they’re gonna give me insurance, extended insurance on the car. So I mean, I, you know, as we’ve been talking about, I think it’s all in that, you know, what are our goals? What are what are we aligned with? Are we what is our intention? And as we go into life and checking in with ourselves, you know, where am I, you know, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. And, you know, the beauty of it is, you know, we talk about the divine feminine, that we have everything we need inside of us to change anything in life. And, you know, I was looking at, you know, what is fine, what is money, money is really just energy. You know, and I think as women, we tend to give, we don’t have the receiving end of it, you know, it’s like, well, let me do this. And we overextend ourselves, you know, but it’s an infinity loop. You know, as we give, you know, we end up receiving, we have to create that receptivity and allowance, so that it flow so forgiving too much, or we’re not letting the flow in, then this loop can’t continue. You know, one of the things that we’re talking about, I think we have to define what is financial success for ourselves. And for some, it may mean have, you know, a million dollars in the bank account, or to pay your bills that month. But I think the thing that we need to remember is that we, the thing that we need to remember is that we have everything that we need, and it always shows up when we need it. Pretty much. And so I think that’s really abundance, that we really have what we need, and we know where to get it, or we know people who can assist us. So I just love that. Can I say one more thing. So one of the things that I think about, you know, in preparing for today is looking at, you know, our resources. So finances are really our resources, energy is our resource, but, you know, our time, our money, our talents and our energy, you know, is there a power leak in any of those areas? You know, am I giving my time too much to something and not enough time, you know, to my spiritual life, or my social life or my you know, self care. You know, in my overextending myself in my relationships, and my giving, and my giving it all and I, you know, I know, you and I, Christine, were talking the other day about, you know, I can feel myself that I’m really almost at the edge of doing too much. And, you know, really paying attention to our bodies when we’re off or we’re beginning to overextend to pay attention to those body signals. You know, in our talents, too.

Christine Gautreaux 18:53
So all of that. I was having that I was having this discussion this morning, Devi, especially around finances, because I was, like I just said before you came on about how I was so focused on the book launch. And there was so much to do with that I let a few things slip about billing and things like that. So I also hadn’t looked up and my account went below where I like it to go. And it was like, and I and I usually don’t get I’m very even keeled. So it’s very rare for me to get activated, right? It’s like, oh, it activated me. And my friend said to me, you know that that’s a good thing, Christine. Like it’s a good thing that you have a, you have a boundary or you have a marker that’s like, Hey, pay attention to this, right? And we don’t have to judge it as a bad thing. Or like because the old me would have been like, Oh, you don’t like me wrong, you’re fine. But, but really, that it’s okay to have those boundaries and especially with money, right? Because money is something that we’re often taught not to talk about, or not to put a lot of attention or intention around. And or at least where I was raised, that was the case. And so then we’ve had conversations with This with different guests on the show about this. But I have a curiosity. Devi, when you say, Okay, you have a power leak, right? So say you have a power leak around money, whether it’s a belief you have, or whether it’s the way you were raised or you’re overdue. How do we, how do we stop that power leak?

Devi Wetterer 20:22
It’s noticing in the moment and paying attention, and noticing our thoughts, noticing, like you’re saying and noticing, oh, you know, my bank account is Oh, so you’re talking about, you know, paying attention. You know, it’s like being a good steward of our resources. Right. And, you know, it could be changing our thoughts around money. You know, there’s, you know, I think we, you know, there’s an affirmation, or what is it that we say, or come back to, when we notice that, you know, we’re having stress around, you know, finances and, you know, I wrote something I wrote a good can I share what I thought, Oh, so it’s like, abundant resources, of increasing income from multiple sources, are now rapidly flowing into my life and bank account I now receive, you know, I think it’s good to put an amount in additional $2,000 a month. So to have that, you know, to have that affirmation, as we’re noticing what our thoughts are, noticing that we’re getting stressed, and to come back into our bodies to breathe. And I think breathing is just the easiest things that bring us back to the present moment, and what’s really real, you know, because we go off way off the scale. Oh, you know, and then we go, you know, we don’t stay right here, like the middle section with a Whoa. Yeah, you know, staying embodied and, you know, being real about what’s going on, and then creating an atmosphere internally, and a mindset that would propel us in new directions and goals.

Shannon M. 22:13
I love that new internal atmosphere, and not always new. Like for me, I’ve been working on being open to all the abundance that is for me, right? Whatever it is, for me, I want to be open to it. And sometimes it is new, though, like we talked about, if you’re coming from a place and you want to be healthier, or if you do live on that the extremes to come back to somewhere where you’re looking at it and balancing. And that’s where I think we get the teeter totter from, you know, and it’s not always personal or something that you can control. If something happens, and you need to replace a phone or you need to replace a computer, then realistically, that’s going to change your plan financially. And that’s why even as a server what I was coaching one of the servers last night, actually on, instead of looking at the money that you make today, because of money that you make over a week, right, as a business owner, looking at the money that you make over a month, especially me right now, having what, four days for one business four days for another one in a month, we got to be realistic, it’s not going to be the seven day week anymore. Now it’s a four day month. So what is your goal? And what’s realistic in that time? And how do you change based on the context of where you are, it’s not always a personal judgment, just to change your strategy. You know,

Devi Wetterer 23:26
I think that there’s really three aspects that, you know, that we really need to look at is you know, what, then you’re talking about the rational part, right? Yeah, yeah. And then there’s the instinctual you know, what to use and the intuitive which, which we sometimes negate, you know, like, I know that I should be checking my bank account, I know that, you know, what does instinct Tell me? Oh, don’t you know, like you’re talking about don’t buy that this month? Or, you know, wait till next month? Yeah, maybe my instinct is telling me to, to open up a I don’t know a savings account. Yeah. And then there’s the you know, to follow those mind prompts and to follow that, you know, their instinct because as women we have our this our womb that we can create this popular powerful creators and we you know, to tap into that, you know, and the other part which may take a little bit more time is you know, trusting our intuition what is our intuition telling us and to to be silent and to check in and see what arises you know, what is the next step what is it where to go or who should I call so, I think we really need to function on you know, all those levels and any kind of like that I think particularly in financial you know, health

Shannon M. 24:43
Absolutely. And I have a great example of that actually at you know, you ladies know if you listen that I love tying it into the resources right and also taking multiple perspectives and sifting what works so I’ve been working through the Profit First by Mike Mackay All right, and that’s where you move things you move, you transfer money to the different accounts on the fifth, excuse me on the 10th and the 25th, to make sure that the cash flow is timely, right, but also have been working on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace steps, the baby steps. And what those say, when you’re paying off debt, and baby step number two is to go smallest to largest, right? So my car note that my car was bigger than my student loans, thankfully, right. That’s the way it was it worked out. So based on the the flow of the schedule, I was supposed to pay off my student loans before my car, but because we knew that we were going to write a book, and we’re gonna have a community and still be doing the podcast, and I have a little glow. I said, let me be strategic, and break the rules and pay my car off first, and then start paying off my student loan debt. And I’m so glad I did that with the Biden administrating, saying, Hey, we’re gonna forgive less than $10,000. My car has been paid off since May. And now I can pause over here and then go over here. And now we’re right on track. When really I did it out of order. So yeah, the intuition I hear what you’re saying,

Devi Wetterer 26:04
Beautiful, what a great example.

Shannon M. 26:07
Thank you. I’ve been working on it.

Christine Gautreaux 26:10
Right. I also love what you said, Devi about the allowing, right? Because when I think about it with intuition, I think about the listening and the allowing, and the asking, right, I like to get really clear, I have a story and it kind of ties in to financial wellness with it. One of my dearest friends. I’ve had this friend for 30 years. She is an incredible manifester. And she taught when I met her back when I was in college and zero money putting myself through school. And she would say to me, just ask, what do you need? And I was redoing a house one time. And I was like, because we were renting it and you know, in college towns like you got to sometimes make some improvements on those rentals. And I needed a medicine cabinet. She’s like, Okay, well, what do you need? I need a medicine cabinet. What do you want it to look like? Well, I’d like to be white. I like it to be this and then she’s like, Okay, we’re gonna find it today. And I was thinking in my head there is no way we’re finding what I just asked for my head. And y’all we rolled up to that second or third garage sale, brand new inbox for $5 Exactly what I had asked for, and it was that intention and if she wouldn’t ask me those questions, I probably wouldn’t have spotted it because I wouldn’t have been paying attention even to what I wanted or needed or you know, it was those clarifying questions and it was also the Okay Get really clear with what you need. And then let’s let’s allow it to come in or see it and I have that lesson has stuck with me for years that if I’m struggling with something or I’m like oh, I would really like I get really clarifying questions about it. What do you really want what do you need separating that out like our moms used to say, Do you want that or do you need that or is it both right?

Devi Wetterer 28:10
Yeah. I have my reminds me I remember when I was years ago, it’s like the cosmic kitchen. You know, what are you going to put out in in the cosmic kitchen? You know, what are the ingredients that you need? You know, what is it that you know in detail you know, then get the you know, what I love too is getting the the feeling getting your mental and visual and seeing it happening. You know, are such powerful tools in manifesting and being inpatients is the other one but sometimes I do not have a good

Shannon M. 28:50
It takes patience to work on your patients right it’s a whole thing. Yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 29:02
That makes me think Devi you saying that about feeling? It makes me think about Mike what is his last name? Who does the notes from the universe? Do you know him? He’s something traveler. I followed him for a long time because I love the notes from the universe. It would send you these little love notes from the universe every day. But basically, he really talked about, you know, start your day or enjoy your day like with imagining, like what you want your life to be like, and that includes finances. That includes your partner that includes like your health, and feel the feelings. Mike Lee Dooley, thank you Mike dealing and feel the feelings around this. And I really to put yourself in that situation. So you can I think part of that is like so you recognize it when you see it. Right? Because I think we’re so busy sometimes I know I’m guilty of this going from one thing to Gather it. Sometimes I can not pay attention, and I can miss it. Hey, y’all, this is a great place to take a break. Take a deep breath, and hear from our awesome sponsors that make women connected and wisdom podcast possible. Shannon, we are so grateful that Shealo glo is the sponsor of the women connected in wisdom podcast. And I wanted to take this moment to ask you when you think about the people who use Shealo glo, where are we talking about?

Shannon M. 30:29
That’s a good question. I think about three groups really one group that’s removing hair, right, so whether you’re using laser hair removal, waxing, shaving, you got to make sure that you’re putting back what you’re taking out the second group, I think about those with dry skin, and the problems that that might cause right, the scars, itching, burning, whatever the situation is, you definitely need all three steps, right? The exfoliation making sure you’re taking the dead skin cells off the oil, putting in the moisture, and then the shea butter with the aloe sealing it helping you heal those things help both groups, right. And third, for the third group is those with chronic illness. You know, the story is personally from cancer and different diseases that our population is dealing with on a daily basis throughout families as individuals. So I’m thinking about my mom and my grandmother and those around me with the same generational ties, right, and what positive healthy habits we can start to make sure that we’re maintaining our wellness, especially because the skin is like the cape, the exterior the the shield for your immune system. So with COVID We have to be intentional about covering ourselves. And those are the groups I think about.

Christine Gautreaux 31:41
I love it. And you know what else I love about your product? It’s all natural, handmade, and it smells great, y’all, so yay.

Shannon M. 31:52
Yes, Esthetician tested and approved. Yes. Yes. What about you? When you think about your company? What groups of people do you think about?

Christine Gautreaux 32:01
Well, you know, I work with individual coaching clients, I work in community classes and with corporate teams, and with all of them, I use a strength based embodied approach to help folks connect with themselves and access joy, reduce burnout, and build resilience. You know, especially during these times, I think we need it, I think we need all the hashtag partnership power we can get. Yes. Like whether it’s a it’s a new collaboration, or it’s a partnership, or it’s a you know, I’m if I’m not really clear with what I’m looking for, then I can that can be a thing.

Devi Wetterer 32:38
Absolutely. Yeah. Clarity. So important. I love that.

Shannon M. 32:42
So Devi, I would love to talk more about divine feminine, right? When you think about your self care, your community care and financial wellness, where does that tie into everything?

Devi Wetterer 32:56
What is it a divine feminine it comes in as for me is embodiment you know, embodying the our divine feminine nature as well as embodying our humanity. And in the divine feminine. You know, when I look at, you know, if you’re looking at divine masculine, divine feminine, I mean, they’re actually different polarities, in a sense. Or if you look at it as a marriage, right, that needs to happen in the Divine Feminine with the divine masculine, because we’re both it’s, you know, and we’re one in that regard. But I use the divine feminine, there’s many different archetypes that we can pull in and embody, you know, whether it’s the goddess of love, or you know, Athena or the Great Mother, or, you know, the dreamer, Weaver, that how we create, so I pull in different archetypes, and to embody and to listen to the wisdom. Because all of that all the archetypes are within us. It’s in our subconscious. And we can tap into that as we slow down as we meditate as we go within, to embody the presence of that archetype in our lives and with other people too. What whether to empower to create, to dismantle in our, you know, in our divine feminine core, we have that ability, we have this life, we have death and we have rebirth. And so this is our creative element in our divine, feminine landscape. And as we tap into that creative essence and allowing things To die that no longer have, you know, no longer serve us and to let go and allow to create something new in our lives. So you know, life and we are in constant change what happens when second, it’s gonna be different, you know, the next second second. So it’s embodying that allowing that change in that flow, which is a part of our divine feminine nature is being in the flow intuiting. being inclusive, you know, having this creative capacity. So I bring that in with my business, I bring it in every morning. You know, sometimes I use cards. And just to tap into, sorry, the dog is coming.

Shannon M. 35:49
No problem. And I hear what you’re fine.

Devi Wetterer 35:53
Use that as a foundational component for all the aspects of my life. Really.

Shannon M. 36:00
I hear what you’re saying, first, what type of dog do you have? Devi?

Devi Wetterer 36:02
This is USC. This is Yes. Where’s Lily? Come here Lily, You see her?

Shannon M. 36:16
Know, we love dogs, we love dogs. And I hear what you’re saying, I hear you saying, it helps me come as my full self. And whatever characteristics and strengths in that dimension of myself that I need to bring to the table that’s relevant. That’s what I tap into, and hold on to, in order to take up space. I know recently, like, when I have conversations and holding boundaries, it’s no I mean, it’s like a shoe, right? I wear eight and a half, I’m not going to try to fit into a five and a half, I’m not going to put it on, you know. So I need this much space to be able to operate in this context. And so whatever strengths or areas I need to draw on and skills and energy, that’s what I’m gonna pull from, it reminds me of the PDF, and the digital goodie bag that we sent out to our readers who bought the book this past week. And Cynthia Phelps, her inner ally, PDF helped me so much, I can’t wait to get these cards. Because thinking about like you said, the different archetypes, the counselor and the lover and the success and how thinking about that different energy helps me kind of like switch on and off different switches in different roles, right? If I’m a kitchen manager, and it’s time to get this hot food out, that’s a completely different Shannon that’s cutting up onions and sit in the dinner table. You know what I mean? So I hear what you’re saying.

Devi Wetterer 37:41
Yeah. Oh, beautiful. I love that.

Shannon M. 37:45
Can you tell me more about the divine masculine? And when you said that we both we have both? Do you mean within each person? Are you saying in partnerships, the way that we weave together, the divine masculine and the divine feminine? is intentional and a space in it in and of itself?

Devi Wetterer 38:03
No, I think it’s the divine union is the uniting the masculine, the feminine within us. We all have feminine and masculine qualities, and we just rely on the feminine, we might not act, I don’t know. I mean, we still would we need the divine masculine, the, you know, more on the thinking round more on the you know, action realm more on the

Shannon M. 38:32

Devi Wetterer 38:33
can’t them you know, kind of at a loss for words, that it’s more you know, the feminine is more receptive, more inclusive, more intuitive, whereas the masculine is more you know, about action and power, getting it done thinking skill. So, we made the marriage of both to to be whole and to operate in wholeness.

Shannon M. 39:00
So the way I think about what you just said, is like, hunters and gatherers, right, and the men will go out and hunt the animals, and that’s the food. And then women would be back and gathering and the herbs and the fruits and everything out and that’s food. But the way you get different things, the strategy might be different. So we talk about how women receive and the men give physically, right? So they’re gonna go get it in, this is how they do it. And then we’re like, Well, no, this is what we need to do to be mindful of all the context. So I think I hear what you’re saying. Yeah. Yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 39:33
Well, and those are based on the, you know, archetypes and in ways that it’s been through through humankind, right, Shannon, just what you said about the hunter and gatherer and that was a great example of how that works. And, and right and that we have it all within us. I heard you with that Davey that we have all of it within each of us, and how do we bring that to the fore? affront to all our wellness, right? How do we bring it to the forefront for all the dimensions? And what do we need to tap into? You know, we had Dr. Cynthia Phelps, who you met last week Devi, she has been on the show before, and she has her inner ally. And those are based on archetype and scientific research, and how as using this as tools to help us, help us achieve what we want to achieve, whether that’s financial wellness, or whether that’s physical wellness, or any of it, right. So I like that about bringing our tools together. And I liked your affirmation to that. It was it was really good. I was gonna read I pulled up the card we were talking about from Wayne Dyer’s deck about abundance, because it’s perfect for financial wellness, it says feeling of abundance or passes the money in your bank account, interest transcends what others may think of you genuinely feeling abundant and successful as possible when you detach yourself from the things you desire, and allow them to flow to you and through you.

Devi Wetterer 41:10
I love what I what I the hit I got from that is about detaching, you know from the outcome, this is how I want it, this is when I want it. This is what it’s gonna look like when you know does that we may not be open to you saying we may not see what’s there or what’s coming. And that may be totally different. That’s even going to bless us more, you know, as we let go of what it’s gotta look like.

Shannon M. 41:39
And I think for me, that’s the balance between everything right? We talk about manifesting, we talk about intuition and being specific. So depending on how you think about it, you might say, Well, wait a minute, you ladies just said to say it specifically, am I letting it go? Or am I dialing it in? And it’s both? You are you are saying what you want specifically and then you’re letting whatever happened happened, right. And I was laughing because I was looking at social media and talking about how I feel like God always exceeds it. Well, he does exceed expectations, right. And I’m laughing in this picture. And we know that we’re Amazon Best Seller and three categories were 18 authors, right, but we were not when when I posted that post. And so we said, this is what I want, and we let it go. And it’ll exceed it. Right? Yeah.

Devi Wetterer 42:27
Love that. one of the things we mind that I wanted to remind folks is to have an altar to make an altar. You know, like I have, you know, Christine and I were talking about our upcoming workshop and to create an altar. And, you know, what I do is I write down names, and then I pray for the folks who are coming into the workshop. And the other thing, you know, whether it’s relationships, or whether it’s money is to create an altar. You know, and, you know, it’s kind of it’s, you know, it’s like in Fung Shui, it becomes an anchor, it becomes a, like a calling card, you know, our our altar of what we put around us that creates and draws in the, you know, other worldly or external resources to assist us.

Shannon M. 43:24
I hear what you’re saying. Yeah. And the way I do it in a smaller space right now is, and I think about environmental wellness on this, right. So it’s not always easy for me to sit down and do the receipts and take the pictures and send them to the emails and do the things on the financial days, right, because this is still Shannon that spent $600 and didn’t buy shoes, she just wiser now, right? And so I have my I have my bill, I might have a candle that make sure I set myself up, have the music, and then I start and I feel better. But I had to take it all down, you know. So it’s kind of like I set them up and then I take them down, depending on what what I’m thinking about that season or what I’m doing at that time. But the one that stays up is my moisture stations or what I call them, I have one for my hair with the spray bottles have the moisture station for my body, that’s by my night by my bed. So it’s like this is your area to take care of yourself. But I do have like a little glass prayer box. And I love your idea of praying over the list of attending attendees praying over the people who were collaborating with you and that’s where I would put stuff like that. Yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 44:32
I love the intention of that. I love the intention of your moisture station. The intention. Right. Like I guarantee you because I to me not so much what it’s about right is that pause and the intention and the bringing thought and prayer and energy to this person this thing this What is it right and so yeah, I’m grateful for that reminder. I’m really grateful for that reminder.

Devi Wetterer 45:03
Can I help? Me too? I did something I love what you’re talking about cards and I wanted to do an affirmation, but I wanted to do a little can we? Is this a good time to do like a little honoring ritual that we can all be?

Christine Gautreaux 45:17
Absolutely, absolutely. Let’s do it

Devi Wetterer 45:21
from Rumi love these cards. It’s, I can’t wait. And it’s my Atlanta fair child. And I just kind of did like a talk about intuition. I thought, Okay, open the books like well, which, who wants to, you know, what ritual? Or what words do I need to share. And it was about from nothing to everything is but so I’m just going to ask you all in anyone who may be listening, so I’m going to do an honoring ritual. So I’m, what I’d like for you to just take a moment to close your eyes and to go within

and to just relax, you know, just from your head and all the way down to toes, just relaxing your body and allowing your body to just relax and become heavy. And then to drop into our hearts. And it says, so if you can say along with me. I choose to trust in the great genius unfolding in my life. I give thanks for the blessings of grace now flowing from my heart. I have no need to know. I trust in the perfection of my being unfolding with innate intelligence. the divine who loves me unconditionally holds me in her protection. And I accept, and I accept my destiny with peaceful, with a peaceful and trusting heart please help me to surrender the stories, attachments, fantasies, and fears that have held me back from living my heart’s desire. I now choose unconditional trust in the loving genius of life to lead me into my fulfilled destiny now. So be it.

Christine Gautreaux 48:20
Ooh. Thank you, Devi. Thank you.

Shannon M. 48:23
Thank you. Yeah. Wow, my destiny now. That’s how it feels set up. Right. Are we are we here? Is it time? are we launching a book and the community’s about to start it? I think it’s time to go now you know and so I love the Destiny now.

Christine Gautreaux 48:44
I did see your body like though she had been at the need to releasing the need to know

Shannon M. 48:49
And I could tell you ladies too, though surrender has been something that I was thinking about a few years ago. And it’s freed me so much of hey, by the way, you can’t control this part. No matter how bad you want to wake up at the alarm that you said you personally are not going to wake yourself up. You don’t you’re not over that part. You know, so the surrendering is yeah, something I’ve been working on.

Christine Gautreaux 49:20
Right. We talked about that. And still point it’s self care skill number two letting go and surrendering. And it’s a big one. And it and I think that a lot of us

Devi Wetterer 49:31
tell you, you say would you say to yell and scream.

Christine Gautreaux 49:35
Right? It doesn’t have to be using grace. It can be like yeah,

Shannon M. 49:41
That’s a good point.

Christine Gautreaux 49:42
I love that, Devi. Well, y’all we are at this time, believe it or not that one quick she do want to set us up.

Shannon M. 49:50
Oh, so Devi every week based on our dimension that we’re talking about this week, so it’ll be financial wellness. What is your wisdom and action, your actionable stuff? up that you’re taking for yourself to be wise and financial wisdom. Yes.

Devi Wetterer 50:09
I’m moving to Asheville, North Carolina, I will be taking steps to find at some income. Okay, while I’m there. And I think it’s always good. So I need to, you know, good to look at our assets as well as the money going out. Yes. Something that I have in place and we’ll be looking at again is the other step is seeing abundance all around me and acknowledging it.

Christine Gautreaux 50:40
So hashtag seeing and acknowledging abundance.

Shannon M. 50:47
I like it. All right.

Christine Gautreaux 50:50
Ah, Glenda, Glenda Walker, welcome to the show. She says, I’ve been reading your book, and I’m really enjoying it. Oh,

Shannon M. 50:58
thank you so much.

Christine Gautreaux 51:01
Yeah, and I just saw that you gave us Mike. Julie’s last name, too. Sorry. I missed that.

Shannon M. 51:06
Thank you so much. Glenda. Who? Okay, Christine, you go next. What’s yours?

Christine Gautreaux 51:11
My hashtag, especially after this week, and we talked about it is hashtag pay attention. Pay attention.

Shannon M. 51:19
I hear you. And also kudos on paying attention. Right. We are where we are. And the fact that you saw it is what where you should be. I will say hashtag just ask. Just ask because we’re about to ask for a lot right about to step into the businesses. And I look forward to not looking back and building with women connected and wisdom and everything that that means,

Christine Gautreaux 51:43
right, Devi thank you so much for being with us today.

Devi Wetterer 51:47
And one more thing about our class coming up? Oh, yes,

Christine Gautreaux 51:51
absolutely. And we will also put it in the show notes, because we’re going to tell folks how to get a hold of you, and how to check out your community and everything and tell them about our upcoming class.

Devi Wetterer 52:01
Oh, it’s October 27. They believe it’s it 5:30 to 7:30 Eastern

Christine Gautreaux 52:08
time. Yeah.

Devi Wetterer 52:12
It the class actually came out of the wanting to empower women, I you know, I’ve had my own trauma and my own life has taken me quite a while to you know, at this stage of my life, it’s taken me this long to really feel this wholeness and completeness. And I think that this class, and then we have a six week class, it’ll be after that is more about looking at our wounding, our sacred wounding, looking at tools, looking at ways that I can’t remember my brain has kind of gone create empowering women to be the authors and designers have their lives of what is hidden, what is limiting what is in the way what trauma is there to create a whole new vision and intention for their lives.

Christine Gautreaux 53:12
Yeah, and that first class we’re doing, y’all will put it in the show notes. It’s a free class, it is during the week of the International Week of interplay. So come play with us and check it out. And I’m also going to put a link to the whole International Week of interplay, because there’s I want to say over 40 offerings that are free. And so come check them out. And because you know, we talk about it all the time, on women connected in wisdom, because a lot of our guests are inner players, and I’m an inner player, Davies and inner player, we’re gonna get Shannon to be an inner player. So yes, we will put that in the show notes and, and come check it out the day or two, coming and chatting with us. And thanks for the dog coming and saying hello. And hearing that at during that last kind of meditation and honoring. It was so funny that the dog was giving their wisdom to like, oh, pay attention.

Shannon M. 54:15
Lily right? Lily

Christine Gautreaux 54:20
thank you for being with us. All right, my friend. We will see you soon.

Shannon M. 54:25
Thank you so much.

Christine Gautreaux 54:27
Oh, we’re glad you make it made it back. Glenda I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the book. We are really, we’re really excited about it. And we have an upcoming conference. If y’all haven’t registered yet. You can go to women connected in and register for the free conference and we’ll also put that in the show notes that is coming up at the end of October. And you will have a chance to we’re going to be live is a virtual conference. It’s free, and you’re going to have a chance to connect with us in a more small group setting and I get to meet our authors and ask questions and have more resources in storytelling. So I think and it’s gonna be interactive. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. We are, we’re gearing up for it. And I think it’s gonna be a blast. Yeah.

Shannon M. 55:13
And were we’ve been intentional. You know, we’ve been intentional about one dimension of wellness a week, we know that all A’s are important every day. We’re going to take that week and go through all eight. speak to some of our experts. And again, it’s a lot of information. So thank you so much. Glinda she says she enjoyed it so much.

Christine Gautreaux 55:32
Hey, before we go, before we go, because I know we’re getting close to time, we need to do a huge shout out to one of our authors and one of our friends because I was scrolling on social media today. I was on Instagram. And I need to pull it up because they make sure we give the right the right shout out. It was one of the best reels I’ve ever seen. And they gave a shout out to women connected and wisdom. I was blown away so let me see read in a caption and everything What do you want? I think you should so SATA Murrah, who is one of our friends one of our authors. And is the tech behind the women connected in wisdom podcast Do you want to you want to tell him what what she did? She’s if y’all go to the kukula dot dance dot fit dot ATL. She is one of the only certified in active kukula African dance instruct fitness instructors in Atlanta. And she also Oh, she’s so she’s so great at Tech. She’s already got it in her thing. Bestselling author, I don’t think we’ve updated ours.

Shannon M. 56:44
Her bio, my personal one is updated. I don’t know if the woman connected and wisdom is back. Gotta pull it up. Because I would love to. To read it. Are we still reading the caption? That’s what you want to do for the last few minutes. So not only does she of course, Shadow her chapter shadow, the physical wellness, that’s the dimension that she talks about in the book. But just talking about where we are right I know I was at the golf course not too long ago, and met with the author. She talked about being on the Amazon bestseller list for one day. And we’ve been there for a week. So this is what SATA SATA. Murat has said she says filling it that that sitting here exactly one week after the book release of women connected and wisdom stories and resources rooted in the eight dimensions of wellness. And I am still amazed that I have that I was invited to write a chapter along with the 17 amazingly powerful woman, I feel so grateful to say that I am now and published author, and an Amazon number one best selling one at that. Next up the conference, I feel so blessed to look upon this year as one where I have been tackling my fears of being seen, in order to pursue the things I truly love, like dancing and writing, and teaching. The journey of discovery towards my path with heart is incredible and completely nothing like it. Like I thought it would be but perhaps always how I knew it would be. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always easy. And there has been a lot to sacrifice juggle balance, but from where I am, from where I now sit, there is hint, there has been incredible growth, expansion around patients we talked about that right, an example that as simply may not have been developed in any other way. What has always carried me through when my mind perceives my actions as back steps has been an attitude of gratitude and a love of play. And laughter. I just want to take a moment to celebrate any and everyone who is taking their time living out their own books of life. Basically, each and every one of us. It is not a race, we are exactly where we need to be. The key is to train our wellness, our awareness to be able to act once life invites us to the experiences that feel correct to us. Evolution is inevitable. It really is only a matter of time. The chapter I wrote in the WCW book was on the physical dimension of wellness titled Yes, you do know. We we know what we need to do. Just keep it just keep doing you boo. Let us be willing to find out what that even means and let evolution run her course. And then she talks about what’s something that you could celebrate in this Now moment. would love if you share so share with Satomura what you’re excited about this week. And yes, congratulations to all 18 authors of our first offers connected wisdom Press book,

Christine Gautreaux 59:35
right she did it. It’s such a beautiful job. Thank you my friend. Thanks for giving us a shout out. We will put that link to her Instagram on our show notes so you can follow her. Glenda was asking did we change the time of the podcast? No, we are five o’clock Eastern time on Wednesdays we go live. Now what you probably heard is given a shout out because her phone was given her trouble is a The last week in October is the women connected in wisdom conference, it’s a virtual conference. And you can go to our website women connected in To find out more information about it, to find out how to get your free ticket and sign up, and we’d love to see you there because it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be

Shannon M. 1:00:22
fun. And if you’re not able to make it, you know, you have to work you’re gonna be out of town whatever’s going on, or if you just want to watch it again, because it is a lot of information, we will have replays available. The VIP packets are going to be amazing. We’re talking about boxes with a lot of goodies for you guys. So if you know you like the digital download that you got from the book, imagine what it’s going to be like to get that VIP package and have those those replays available to you all year long.

Christine Gautreaux 1:00:49
Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be ridiculously fun. All right, my friend. We have come to this time

Shannon M. 1:00:55
we have thank you so much for joining us for episode 87 Season 10 financial wellness with Davey has been amazing. We’ll be back Live at Five next week. In the meantime, don’t forget be

Satimara 1:01:09
well be wise, and the whole we’ll see you soon. Thanks for listening. This has been the women connected and wisdom podcast on air live on Wednesdays at 5 pm. Eastern via Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to like share and subscribe to be part of the conversation and get connected at women connected in