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Join Shannon & Christine as they chat about Spiritual Wellness with special guest “Digit Dvah” LaVerne Baker Hotep.

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Shannon M. 0:08
Hi ladies, I am Shannon Mitchell, a black millennial business owner, the founder of shallow glow LLC, an all natural skincare company that helps you glow from head to toe. I am a champion for your daily self care, business care and intentional wellness.

Christine Gautreaux 0:21
Hey, y’all. I’m Christine Gautreaux, a white social justice advocate, and international speaker, coach, published author and dancing social worker who helps you upgrade yourself and community care.

Shannon M. 0:35
Together, we are women connected in wisdom, a podcast grounded in the eight dimensions of wellness.

Christine Gautreaux 0:39
And we like to get together every week for intentional conversations between us and special guests about how to be wise in business relationships and wellness. How do we do all this?

Shannon M. 0:51
So much, so much to do? And a lot of times is saying no, I’m going to do this and no to this, you know, so whatever was a No, today can be a Yes, tomorrow, we’ve we’ll figure it out.

Christine Gautreaux 1:03
Right. It’s also how we do it is bringing on really awesome guest and other experts and people we learn from and are connected with. And, you know, one of the joys about this, I know we talk about it often, I don’t know if we talk about it often online. But you know, we’re going through this process of writing this book and creating this community, and just the joy of being connected to so many awesome human beings. That’s incredible.

Shannon M. 1:33
I’ve been, you know, we’ve been talking about environmental wellness, that’s what one of our chapters is on and the relationship that you have with your space, right. And I’ve been looking around and realizing how I can’t almost turn my head to the left or the right and not think about a woman that I’m connected, who got me something to prepare me for this or did this to prepare for that. And that’s how I feel in life. Now. You know, I’ll be doing different things. And here’s the seal tell you to take a big belly breath and something else, you know, so I love how the wisdom is added to my life. And I think it definitely helps.

Christine Gautreaux 2:06
And then literally being at the car shop and one of our guests showing up at the car

Shannon M. 2:10
show. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, here we go here.

Christine Gautreaux 2:17
Which definition what category of wellness are we talking about today?

Shannon M. 2:21
Oh, so timely, right tonight. Today we were talking about spiritual wellness, and are women connected and wisdom definition is spiritual wellness allows us to be in tune with our spiritual selves. This realm of wellness lets us find meaning in life events and define our individual purpose. It can be defined through various factors, including religious faith, values, ethics and morals. Regardless of whether you believe in a particular religious faith, there is always something to be learned about how you see yourself in the world.

Christine Gautreaux 2:54
I love that definition. Yeah,

Shannon M. 2:57
hmm. Yeah. To this week, I had. I had somebody asked me, How do you stay calm when somebody is rude to you every day, something like that, right? And I thought of all these different things I do to maintain my composure in difficult situations. And as you can imagine, with people waiting three hours in the Georgia heat in the summertime, for food, and it’s in they have not eaten that day. There’s some interesting situations. And I need to follow up with him because I told him all this thing, but what I was really thinking about was the story in the Bible, when Jesus asleep in the bottom of the boat, and right before COVID, my mom was still alive, all this stuff was before all this stuff happen, right? And I said, you know, I want to be like Jesus, I want to have faith like that, that I can sleep when there’s a storm because I know I’m okay. And that’s what I think about. When I think about spiritual wellness, all this stuff is left to the left of you is crazy to the right is crazy, but everything’s actually Okay, right now, everything that I need is taken care of. And that’s what’s helped me be calm and centered through everything that’s gone on the last few years. Right. I love that.

Christine Gautreaux 4:03
Yeah. Well, I’m also in some of that hearing you say when you say everything’s okay, right now, like being in that present moment, right? That’s one of my spiritual practices is being really in the present moment. And being embodied in what can I see hear, smell, taste, feel? And because often, you know, when we’re worrying or when we’re anxious, we’re thinking about the future. Or when we’re ruminating or, you know, having despair, a lot of times we’re thinking about the past sometimes. And it’s not to say that there’s not things we shouldn’t be despairing about right now. Like, you know, we know that’s the truth with what’s going on in our world. And that often, I like the words you said, I’m okay right now, like checking in and if we’re not let’s get resourced for that. With our Yeah.

Shannon M. 4:56
And that, and that’s what I love about what you said. You said What did you say about checking in it was what you went through the list that you went through is really checking in with your body and seeing where you are. Right. And doing that in the morning is not just where’s the physical pain in my body? Because I’m getting earlier? Older. It’s let me check in early in the morning and see where my spirit is, see where my emotions are? And why is that? You know, so I think it’s important and that can’t be minimized. I talked to somebody earlier this week, she was running into stuff at work. And I said, You know what, when I do that, I need to get centered in my body. And she left the kitchen and came back. She was like, wait a minute, how do you do that? You know, and she’s older than me. And I didn’t realize that she didn’t know how to do that yet, because we’re not always having these conversations. So. So I’m

Christine Gautreaux 5:43
curious, wait, wait, wait, would you tell her because I have something for that? Would you tell her?

Shannon M. 5:48
And I was I need to ask Christine and make sure I know everything to tell somebody. But I definitely told her what you said. That’s what you said, to think about? Every part of your body, right? So I think about all the way to the ends of my hair, my head, my toes, my elbow? How does everything feel? Can I feel it. So it’s literally feeling where your body is the space that it takes up. And then because she was a little anxious, she needed to get back into her body. I said, Let’s take 10 Deep breaths. And using that I have a couple of different ways that I might breathe. One is from Vance, right? But the one I’ve been using recently is actually from headspace. And you take four paces, I don’t know how you count it before counts of breath, then you hold it for two seconds, and then you let it out. I don’t even think I get all the way to 10 Honestly, and I say 10 Deep breaths. And by whatever number I’m okay.

Christine Gautreaux 6:35
Right? Yeah, I love that. Well, I would do those for sure. I wouldn’t probably say 10. Because people freak out about that many. I would just breathe with them. And I was also on an accessibility training today that they were saying that we might want to say, you know, allow our breath because sometimes people can’t breathe deep. Their bodies don’t allow them to take deep breaths. So I’m I’m still wondering with that language, and cuz I know deep breaths really helped me so yes to taking the grass yes to scanning. One of the things I do when I run into things, because that is one of my things I do when I’m zipped out of my body or ungrounded is I go outside and put my feet in the grass and get connected to the earth and really feel the earth on my feet and really do that connection. And yeah, last week, I was so ungrounded that I went to jump in Joe’s van and whack the side of my head. I was like, alright, Christine, slow down slow, you know, add often you have spatial awareness things. And then if you’re out of your body and not paying it, it’s it’s a whole thing, right? It’s like, my chiropractor this morning was like, What are we going to do with you? And I’m like, I think my mom was even asking that question for 52.

Shannon M. 7:58
No, no, you’re fine. You’re not the only person that does it. I definitely do it too. But that’s why I need Halo glow to help with the bruises because I’m telling you even Yes, crazy even right on my soft launch. I kick this stick out in Atlanta. I was limping to work, okay. No, yes.

Christine Gautreaux 8:15
Well, I am so excited to talk about our guests today. Are you ready for me to introduce her and get her up on the stage so we have this conversation. So y’all are in for a treat today. And I you know, I love all of our guests because they’re an incredible women. But this guest and woman today I just I’m so excited. So I’m gonna read her official bio because I could say all kinds of things about her but I’m gonna say what she officially says. So learn Baker Hotep is an intuitive numerologist, human potential expert and founder of numerology for enlightened living. She’s a consultancy specializing in helping women worldwide to align with their personal and universal soul purpose and reclaim their natural spiritual gifts. Through the ancient art and science of numerology, she coaches individuals on how to interpret their name and birth dates to heal their past, tune into their present, recognize their innate abilities and expand their creative potential. Her unique approach utilizes numerology and intuition, creating a profound synthesis of two ancient spiritual practices to provide private readings, interactive seminars, and inspirational transformational group coaching, opening others to the miracle of their own uniqueness. Numbers, our livers passion and bringing this knowledge to bear in the world is her purpose. With over 30 years of research and practice it is her joy and privilege to lead been led to study this fascinating science and it is her sacred contract to analyze, interpret and share the knowledge inherent in the language of numbers. In addition to her work as a numerologist LaVerne is the CEO of Well, women, enterprise, women empowered to live legacy and host the well woman retreat in the US and police, which I’m gonna just put a pin in that real quick, Shannon, you and I, we need to put this on our calendars. She is the founder and facilitator of me to Sister Circle, a self care and enrichment group for moms and the creator of the host and host of the podcast, black girl back talk, stories of racial bias from girlhood to womanhood. You can connect with LaVerne at www numbers And we’ll have those in the show notes. And I just want to add one other thing before we bring her up. LaVerne is also one of our upcoming authors and speakers in the women connected in wisdom book.

Shannon M. 11:08
Yes, Belize is

Christine Gautreaux 11:11
to Belize. Please, please? Yes. How are you, my friend?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 11:17
I’m doing very well. Thank you. Thank you. And so are you. Let’s see the two of you. Good.

Christine Gautreaux 11:25
Thank you. Yeah, I was thinking as I read your introduction, I was thinking about a reading you did for me. I can’t even remember how many years ago it was. So LaVerne and I met through the interplay community, we share our friend Sheila Kay Collins in common. And we, you I had to do a reading for me, I can’t remember what birthday it was for. But it talked about living large, and getting out there. That’s what I remember about it. So we are on episode 78. Yes, we have a new book coming out in September. And we have the women connection wisdom Conference coming in October. So I think that I followed your instructions.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 12:13
I have to agree with you on that when that’s awesome. Well, and the numerology does give you the opportunity to see what potential there is for your life, you know, and inspires you to go for it. You know, that’s one of the wonderful things I love about this ancient science. Yes,

Christine Gautreaux 12:39
yes, I know, in your chapter, you give us a little bit of backstory. But Shannon, you’re about to say something. So let me be quiet. And you ask the question.

Shannon M. 12:46
No, you’re good. I appreciate it. So like you said, lover in the ancient spiritual practice I hadn’t or that’s what your bio said, I hadn’t thought about intuition in that category. Can you go a little deeper into that? What do you mean when you say intuition as an ancient spiritual,

LaVerne Baker Hotep 13:02
you know, intuition is, it’s an inherent part of who we are. But oftentimes, we don’t develop it and use it or believe it or pay attention to it. And one of the things that numerology does the study of numerology is that it helps you to really develop your intuition. That’s one of the things I learned about it over this 30, over 30 years of practicing this science is that your intuition becomes deeper, you start to intuit and understand everything on an on a much deeper level. And everything in the universe is numbered. So when you start to really look at things from that perspective, you use your intuition and you find that, that really enhances your ability to understand self, to understand others to understand what’s happening in the world. It’s really quite amazing. So yes, you use those two, and I definitely call them both ancient practices, because again, intuition is there into it. You know, we see, you know, and if we pay attention, there’s so much knowledge and information that’s already there.

Shannon M. 14:41
Absolutely. Are you gonna say, Christine?

Christine Gautreaux 14:46
Well, I know that you wrote about it in the book, but I would love for you to tell our listeners like how you got into numerology and that connection.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 14:57
Oh my gosh, you Well, how I how I got into numerology was from it started with a with a visit to a metaphysical bookstore in Michigan where I lived at the time and visited this store with my friend Sanai you were, you know, I’ve been interested always in spiritual things, but numerology, I knew I never even heard of it. And so I’m standing in the bookstore, looking at books, bookstores are my Achilles heel, or, you know, one of my favorite places to be, it’s dangerous for me. And so I’m standing there, just looking at books. And, you know, I’m in this spiritual section. And suddenly a book falls off the shelf, at my feet, no joke. And I looked down, and I see the book and it says, numerology, I picked it up. And I just started looking through it. And as I was looking through it, it was as though I already knew this, or I was becoming reacquainted with something that was already there was I was really quite surprised, I was drawn to it. I mean, pull to it. And I purchased the book. And by the way, that was many, many decades ago, I still have that book, it’s in pieces now, you know, and it’s still on my shelf with two newer versions of it,

Christine Gautreaux 16:52
you know, like a cherished friend, yes, I’ve

LaVerne Baker Hotep 16:55
had to purchase it over. And I always put the dates in my books when I purchased the books and where I purchased the book from. But yeah, so that’s how I got into it. My interest in, in numbers, really, I will say, that comes from my grandmother, my grandmother, who was the numbers lady, you know, when I was growing up, my grandmother ran the numbers, so to speak, you know, is that people would come to her to play the numbers, before they were before the government kind of, or whoever takes over, took over the lottery thing. You know, this was one of the things that people did, to try to get a few extra bucks, you know, and they, and they played the number. So my grandmother was the person that people would come to, and she would write the, the numbers, they would say what their dream was, and she would come up with a number. And, and so, you know, oftentimes people would hit the number, you know, and, and come up with a few bucks through extra bucks. I don’t know how, what that whole system was. But my grandmother was very much into writing numbers on pieces of paper all the time. And she was fascinated by numbers. And that was fascinating to me. And so I just kind of always watched her just writing numbers never dreamed anything about numerology. And at this point, when I think of my grandmother, I wished I could have taught her numerology because she would have loved it, you know, she probably would have used it probably tried to use it to find a number to play, you know, she, she would have been interested in the numbers because she had just a real thing for numbers, carrying around a little notebook in her apron pocket, you know, and sitting down and writing writing numbers. And so, but I started studying. From the day that I picked up that book, I started studying about numerology, and I’m telling when I tell you that every day, since that day, that I have studied, practiced, proven researched, been enticed and interested and enthralled. Surprised by numerology. That is the truth up to this very day. And it was a long time before I realized that I would be a numerologist though, when I started reading about my own numbers, it was very clear that I was to study something that people didn’t know about and bring this knowledge to bear upon the human experience, and I was studied long and hard. Before I brought it it out. And that is truly how it has been. That I have have

Christine Gautreaux 20:04
a question about that lever. Yes. I think I know the answer, but I don’t. I don’t know. I want to ask our listeners. So when you got that news that you were supposed to do this. Yeah. And it was supposed to and it’s, you know, numerology. So I’m hearing you say this was a long time ago, this was decades ago. So numerology probably wasn’t even and may not still be a word that some of our listeners are associated with. How was that? Like? Was it scary? Was it how did you? You know, you got this kind of divine purpose? And holy cow? Yeah. What do you do with it?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 20:41
Well, one of the things I did with it was hide it, because I felt I grew up in the church, you know, the Church, which was next door to my house. So I was there all the time, with my grandmother,

Christine Gautreaux 20:56
who was running the numbers. We won’t tell that story on air because they need to get the book. But there’s a really funny thing in the book, they’ll have to y’all have to read. It’s awesome.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 21:08
So you know, so I didn’t, I didn’t talk about it a lot, because nobody talked about it. And I felt like, Huh, I wonder if people are gonna think this is weird, strange, you know, off the beaten path, which I’ve always felt a little weird and strange and off the beaten path. And I thought this is going to take me way over the top. So I better just be quiet, you know, and do my in just just study and keep this to myself. And for a long time, I did that. And I would be very selective about whom I would share anything with. I would, I would do the numerology on every name every person, everybody. They might not know I’m doing that. And those who did? I would, I would be very selective and really pay attention. Can I talk to this person about this? You know? And so that’s how I that’s how I handled it was quietly you know, and, but that’s gone away now. So

Shannon M. 22:24
I have a question. So do you do the numerology on everything still to this day before you did you do it? I want to connect it in wisdom podcast, of course.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 22:32
And I, I wish, when I first became, you know, asked to do this to be involved in the book, yes, of course, I did. The numbers on the name of the project. There isn’t anything that I do without consulting my Oracle’s. That’s what I call numerology is my Oracle’s. And so I always do. And, you know, there’s, there’s so much in a name, there’s so much in the date of birth, even in the Avon in a business, the the date that the business is incorporated, that’s how you look at the birth date of a, of a business. And, and you can discuss the path that that business is going down, you know, through the, through the numbers of the birthdate. So, so there isn’t anything that I involve, that I’m involved in, or any person that I talked to, that I don’t so well do the numbers. Yeah. So I wish I had brought that because, you know, this is a long name, that

Christine Gautreaux 23:47
it is a love. Story, my friend.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 23:51
And so you know, when you do numbers, you have to do that, do it over and over to make sure that you’re correct. You don’t want to make any mistake, because then you’re talking about something else or somebody else, you know. So when I have these long names, it’s really interesting. I just have to sit and be very patient and do it over and over again to make sure that I have the the numbers right,

Christine Gautreaux 24:15
will earn I just had the privilege to be at a couple of your workshops recently. And heard you speak on the year 2022. Do you want to say something to our listener? I mean, we’re in August, but we still got we can still got some months left in this year. So do you want to say something to our listeners about the year 2022?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 24:38
Well, first of all, I want the listeners to understand what we’re talking about when we talk about looking at what is called the Universal year. That is the year that we all are in universally, every year that changes and how you come up with the new number for the universal year is add the numbers of that year all together all the way across until you come to a single digit. So 2022, we have the two plus zero plus two plus two. And so when we add that up, that comes to the number six. And so universally, we are in a number six. And I want to go back a little bit and just say something about the number two, because there’s all of these twos in there and talk about the fact that we are now in the number two as the Millennium we’ve we’ve moved from the 90s. You know, 1975 1999 into 2002 is feminine energy. One, that was male energy. And now we’re in 1000 years of Yin 1000 years of female energy rising. So we should be able to feel that well, we see that happening all over the world. We also see the pushback of that as well. We’re only 22 years in, we have 1000 years. We’re only 22 years in so we’re at the beginning, we’re at the chaotic place where the chaos happens. The pushback happens that Oh, no, what do you mean, we’re not going to be? You know, male dominated? Oh, no, we’re gonna fight this, you know. So that’s where we are. Right now. We’re at the pushback stage. And we’re seeing that all over where male energy is saying, What’s going on here, you know, and not wanting to give up that that power. And so we’re in, we’re in that time of that, that kind of a fight. We’re in just 22 years. And this is the 2022 is that is the number six. And number six, has to do with home domesticity, things having to do with home. Now. You know, when we talk about home universally, we’re talking about each country for instance, being mindful and, and working on their own, you know, their own sovereignty, their own selves, if you will. And number six is really a love vibration, and it’s love or war. Okay, it’s six is love or war, we get to choose which one? Well, we see what has occurred. And some of the choices that have been made, where it’s no surprise that we would be experiencing more at this time in this year. And six is also the number of the body dealing with the body. So it’s no surprise that and remember to is feminine energy. So it’s no surprise that we would be looking at something like Roe versus Wade, you know, the control over women’s bodies at this particular time.

Christine Gautreaux 28:30
Yeah, and I just want to give a quick shout out for Kansas. Kansas, way to go.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 28:36
Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. And the the date of the of that decision was actually three sixes, you know, so it was all about the body, you know, and if you even look at the shape of the number six, it’s like a pregnant woman, you know, it’s the round. So it’s that it’s really about the body. So yes, this is a time where, where things having to do with home domesticity, even in our personal lives, or per our personal relationships, all of that comes up front for us to deal with, right and right in our faces. And for us to choose. Are we going to choose love or are we going to choose war, even in our, in our personal lives, but on a universal scale? That’s what we’re, that’s what we’re faced with is looking at love or war. You know, love or peace? How do we which one are we going to choose? How do we get to the peaceful stage? Can we get to that without war? Well, we’ve already chosen war. So now how do we move toward peace and a lot of things having to do with women because of these three twos that are in there. So a lot of energy around women in law With things happening with women as you watch the news and watch what’s going on in the world, with women rising, but women also being depressed, you know? So 2022 is quite an interesting, quite an interesting, right.

Christine Gautreaux 30:18
Not done yet. We got work

LaVerne Baker Hotep 30:19
done yet. Not done yet. In fact, Hey, y’all,

Christine Gautreaux 30:23
this is a great place to take a break. Take a deep breath, and hear from our awesome sponsors that make women connected and wisdom podcast possible. Shannon, we are so grateful that Shayla glow is the sponsor of the women connected in wisdom podcast. And I wanted to take this moment to ask you when you think about the people who use Shayla glow, what are we talking about?

Shannon M. 30:47
That’s a good question. I think about three groups really one group that’s removing hair, right, so whether you’re using laser hair removal, waxing, shaving, you got to make sure that you’re putting back what you’re taking out the second group, I think about those with dry skin, and the problems that that might cause right, the scars, itching, burning, whatever the situation is, you definitely need all three steps, right? The exfoliation making sure you’re taking the dead skin cells off the oil, putting in the moisture, and then the shea butter with the aloe sealing it helping you heal those things help both groups, right. And third, for the third group is those with chronic illness. You know, the story is personally from cancer and different diseases that our population is dealing with on a daily basis throughout families as individuals. So I’m thinking about my mom and my grandmother and those around me with the same generational ties, right, and what positive healthy habits, we can start to make sure that we’re maintaining our wellness, especially because the skin is like the cape, the exterior the the shield for your immune system. So with COVID We have to be intentional about covering ourselves. And those are the groups I think about. I love it.

Christine Gautreaux 32:01
And you know what else I love about your product? It’s all natural, handmade, and it smells great, y’all, so yay.

Shannon M. 32:10
Yes, Esthetician tested and approved. Yes. Yes. What about you? When you think about your company? What groups of people do you think about?

Christine Gautreaux 32:19
Well, you know, I work with individual coaching clients, I work in community classes and with corporate teams, and with all of them, I use a strength based embodied approach to help folks connect with themselves and access joy, reduce burnout, and build resilience. You know, especially during these times, I think we need it, I think we need all the hashtag partnership power we can get. Yes.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 32:45
This month, August, we’re in a five month in a six year. So this five, five is about change. Sudden Unexpected occurrences we’re going to really, August is going to be interesting to see what kinds of sudden things occur. And next month is the sixth month in the sixth year. So we reached the zenith of the six energy next month.

Shannon M. 33:14
So the numbers aren’t making sense for me. So So August is the eighth month, but it’s fine.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 33:20
So how do you get the month is you add the the person to the universal year, which is six to the month. Okay, we’re in, which is August, right? And so when you add eight and six, what do you get? 14. And when you add one and four, what do you get? Five? That’s how you that’s how you get to the universal month.

Shannon M. 33:54
Okay, so you said you said September is a six month. Right? And so what are we going to say about September?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 34:01
Well, September, for September, even in our personal year, September is the ninth month of the year, right. So it’s, it’s the completion, it’s the it’s the height, well, there are only nine numbers one through nine. And so September is the ninth month of every year. And it all is always the same number of the the person of the universal year. So if it’s a four year, September is going to be the four month if it’s a five year September is going to be the five month and and that’s the zenith that’s the tip top of it. Where that energy is really profound. We really get to feel the the fullness of what that year brings, just before or we move to the next month, which which will be a seven, which gives us insight into next year cycle. Because next year, what would that universal year be? Seven, seven. So October will be a seven month. And October always gives us a little bit of a glimpse into the next year’s cycle is on the seventh day, what does she do? rested, rested. So, you know, that takes us to a whole different thing. Seven is a spiritual, highly spiritual number. So next year, people are going to be going inward and really interested in spiritual things, and open to more spiritual ways of being and ways of thinking than we’ve seen in a long, long time. So things like numerology and spirituality on all levels, people will be seeking that kind of knowledge and information.

Shannon M. 36:07
And I definitely hear you too on the grown up in the church and the church is right by my house. So of course, I wasn’t going to be there, you know. And that’s been something I’ve been working through during COVID not going to church as often stepping away from church volunteer opportunities to pour into myself when I need it to pour out less and pour in more before me the way I think about it without Of course having three decades of studying numerology is that God made all this stuff, you know. So just like he knew how to twirl the DNA cells together, he knows how to twirl the numbers together, she knows how to throw the numbers as well, you know, and not to minimize it by saying twirl, but everything works together, you know?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 36:49
Well, there’s so much numerology in the Bible, so much numerology in the book. And if, if people were really open and really understood it, which they, which they will, there will be a time when numerology will be taught in schools and universities just like everything else is, other things are, but you know, there’s so many numbers, I just gave an example of the sevens day, you know? Yeah. And if you look at creation, you know, the, the first. The first was the seat number one is the seat, you know, and I can go through each one of those numbers in and and bring them give you the biblical explanation for it. And, you know, if we look at 40 days and 40 nights if we understood what the number 40 is, which 2020 was, takes us took me in it gives us to have, anytime there’s a four there’s, there’s regeneration, there’s breaking things down, like a demolition so that we can rebuild. And that’s what happened in 2020. Yeah. And so if we understood those who study the Christianity and looking into the Bible, and there are those who study numerology from a biblical perspective, but if more people did that, they would have even a deeper understanding of, of spirituality.

Shannon M. 38:25
Yes, I remember the first time I heard you talk about the numbers. I was surprised that what you said about the number seven at seeking knowledge and things like that, I always thought about seven as completion, right. And then I know you said, I think this is the first time we’ve officially talked with the three of us before it was a roomful of ladies who were talking with the authors, right. And it was interesting today when we got on you said Yes, nice to meet you. Because at the beginning of July, I was thinking about you my godson was born. He was supposed to be born on what his delivery date was the the ninth of July, and he ended up being born on the seventh. I said, Seven 720 22. I’ll take it as a birthday. Yes, yeah. Wow. I was thinking about you,

LaVerne Baker Hotep 39:09
whoa, this is a very spiritual child. In the ancient times, our children who were who were born with a sevens that were very prominent, were taken out of the, you know, out of the out of the village will say, and put into wisdom schools. And reason being is because the seventh person who is deeply ingrained in the seventh is interested in deeper things, and an interested in intellectual understanding of things and will Loves to Read and Seek knowledge and go deeper. And so they understood that children with that number would be I’m inclined to study and to have an interest in understanding things on a deeper level. So those children were taken out and put into wisdom schools and taught these kinds of sciences so that they can bring that information to, to community. Yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 40:22
So fascinating. Like, it is just really fascinating. It’s another tool, it is utter. I love what you say, in your intro and your bio about using it for divine purpose, right? Because often people are like, I don’t know what my purpose is, or I don’t, I feel like I’m not living in my purpose. And so what I hear you saying LaVerne is, this is another way, another tool, another way to tap into that. And, you know, I was not a shy and retiring flower when you and I had our session. So I wasn’t surprised about the reading. But in some ways, it just affirmed and gave permission in a way that was like, Okay, thank you. Exactly. Because, you know, I often hear what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Or, you know, what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? And I think so many times we hold ourselves back. Because, you know, we’re not sure how it’s gonna turn out, or we’re not. And so I love to get the Go big message from that reading, and going, alright, like, let’s do this.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 41:35
Yes, yes. And, and it really is affirming, because who we are, is already there, in, you know, in our DNA, you know, the genius is already there. So the, the numbers just really helped to affirm and help you remember, you know, I like put your parts back together, you know, remember who you are, and what you came to do, and what your divine assignment is. And, so that you can really just go for it, you know, and not be confused, that I’m living somebody else’s thing, or, you know, my parents told me, I should do this, or, you know, those kinds of things, that you get really clear about what your purpose is, so that you can start to move in that direction. Some people come, and they’re on it, you know, from the bell, you know, they kind of get it and it’s, it’s there. And then some need to be reminded. And numerology remind, gets it back in your mind. That, haha, this is why I feel this way about somebody, this is why I have this inclination toward this, that or the other. That’s why I’ve been feeling this particular way, you know, because it’s already, it’s already written, you know, it’s already there. Yeah. And it is a beautiful tool. And it’s one tool, there are many, many tools that the Creator has put right there for us to use to get to know who we are and to get closer to spirit. And numbers. Numerology is just one. And it’s hidden in plain sight, you know, through our name and birthday, bam, it’s right there, you know, and we just have to know, the simplicity of really finding out with that with that is

Christine Gautreaux 43:51
I just, and this just bubbled up for me. But it’s fascinating to think about that with names and birthdays, because like Shannon just said, you know, this child was supposed to be born on a different day. And then I’ve also met parents that they had a name picked out and when the child arrived, they changed that name. Like, it’s so it’s just fascinating how that’s all intertwined.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 44:13
Oh, yes, we come The day that were to come, you know, and, and not before. And then the names, you know, this. Our spirit chooses the name before, before we get here and who, it’s always fascinating to me how people talk about how they got their names. Well, my aunt named me after the lady on the soap opera, or, you know, it’s my uncle’s, my third cousins name and so it’s, you know, all of that. But the fact of the matter is that the spirit was for the name, who caught it is, you know, who knows who’s gonna catch it, but we come with those names so that it helps us to do the work. of the life path, which is the, which is the birth date. Now we can always change our name

Christine Gautreaux 45:05
is just going to ask that question, Will you speak to that? Oh, yes,

LaVerne Baker Hotep 45:08
we can change our names. And oftentimes, it’s really good to do that. That is the, the point that I’m at now is where I’m really looking to change my name. Because it’s, it’s time. And it’s my last experiment, my last experiment with numerology and name change, to really, really test the energy of a name change, which is really very powerful. But our birthdate, you’re born when you’re born when you’re born, but you absolutely can change your name, and changing your name changes, the vibration changes the energy. Now, the name given at birth is always foundational. And anytime I do a reading with someone I always do, the name that’s given at birth, it’s on their birth certificate is that is the song you know, that you sang when you first came out? And it has, it has so much, it informs so much there. But there can be a time in one’s life when you choose to change your name. For some reason, it can be you know, you can decide to change your name. There are there are people who have heard people say my name was supposed to be spelled like this, but the nurse got it wrong on the birth certificate. Yeah, she didn’t get it wrong. You know, Oprah Winfrey is a good example of that somebody whose name was exactly happened where the person misspelled it, you know, if it had been spelled the other way, she would be a whole different energy. You know, people who are actors and actresses often change their name. Women, change our names in marriage, and that kind of thing. You know, sometimes when you change your name, the numbers can turn out to be the same. Interestingly enough, because you’re still living that lesson, you know, you’re not completed that lesson yet. And sometimes it can be totally different. And so consulting all the time, people don’t consult a numerologist or someone to ask about a name change. But that’s often a really good idea. Because the name does change, the name does shift the energy. And so that’s what I’ve done is consulted a numerologist. About my name. And so I had to really think about was with are going to use that name for the for the book.

Christine Gautreaux 47:55
So it’s not released yet. It’s

LaVerne Baker Hotep 47:57
not released yet. Okay. It’s not released the book, your new name, or my new name? No, it’s not released yet?

Christine Gautreaux 48:03
Well, let us know because we just got the final proof. So if you want to use that new name, like, we’d have to make that decision the next day or two, but there is time to do that, because the book for our listeners is coming out September 20. But as an author, you probably have one to two more days to tell us. So just say it.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 48:27
Very interesting. You know that right?

Christine Gautreaux 48:30
Consult that and see what you think about it.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 48:34
Very interesting.

Shannon M. 48:37
Yeah. Okay. So each week levar. And we talk about a wisdom in action, something that is an action step that we’re going to take in the category of wellness that we’re talking about. So this week for spiritual wellness, what are you working on? What’s going to be your action step to make sure that you’re maintaining your spiritual wellness?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 48:58
My spiritual wellness? Well, I talked about this a little bit before we went on and, and that I talked about rest. And how I have really been really focused on on that and the universe is bringing all kinds of information and people and everything to me, it’s to force me to really look at this idea of rest. Rest as revolution rest as reparations rest, as you know, repairing a claiming, taking back our birthright to rest. And, you know, especially women of color who have not owned our bodies to To say that, you know, I really need to rest, I’m tired, I’m going to sit down. Can you imagine that we worked during the time when we were enslaved till the muscles fell off the bone, and, you know. So, I’m, I’ve been thinking about that and thinking about my ancestors, and the fact that rest was not something that they were able to choose. And that we have been, you know, on the grind since, and, and that it’s really time for us to really start to think about rest. And what that really the depth of what that really means. And you know, that, it doesn’t always mean taking a nap, in the middle of the day, there’s all kinds of ways that we can, we can rest, but we need to be mindful of it. And so I am practicing that. And also, I know that this is it’s, it’s out there in the universe, this idea in this concept of rest, and so we’ll be hearing more and more about it. And especially in as again next year, as we move into a seventh year, which as I said, on the seventh day she rested, and we will be looking deeper into spiritual things, and spiritual ways of knowing spiritual ways of being. And so I am preparing for that. I know that I will play a role in having people understand that on a deeper level, that this is kind of my time, you know, it for that. And so I’m practicing this, I’m practicing rest. I want to live it and not just talk about it, you know. And there my retreat next year in Belize will be well woman resting and rising.

Christine Gautreaux 52:22
And you have dates for that yet.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 52:24
Yes, it will be March 16, through the 22nd. And that that information will be coming out this month. Okay, cool. My curator is almost done. We’re almost done with everything we need to do to get that out there. So that that is that is the practice and that’s what I’m really encouraging women to do. It’s a wise thing, you know, it’s it’s a wise thing to do. And if we’re wisdom, women, then we need to be well rested. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, so that we can live the divine purpose that we came to

Christine Gautreaux 53:10
LaVerne right when you were saying that I had a calendar reminder pop up on my computer that literally says rest in five minutes.

Shannon M. 53:21
Yes, it was snooze it.

Christine Gautreaux 53:23
I’m not gonna dismiss it. I almost knew that. But that is hysterical that literally right when you were saying that that bumped up in

LaVerne Baker Hotep 53:33
the air in the air.

Christine Gautreaux 53:36
So Shannon, what is your wisdom and action this?

Shannon M. 53:38
Oh, and yes, I’m taking a page from your book. LaVerne rest is our birthright. So we talked about it with Shayla glow. You know, I talk about it a lot. But just remembering and I’m working on my relationship with it. You know, as somebody who does a lot, sometimes you have that tug of war, I should be doing. I gotta email this person back. I need to do this for the products. What about the schedule, all this stuff, right? It’s like, No, all of that stuff will be okay. You need to go rest. And so resting as a birthright. That’s my hashtag. Yes. What about you, Christine, will share wisdom in action

Christine Gautreaux 54:13
this week. My wisdom and action about spiritual wellness is I don’t know if I want to say stay grounded or start out grounded. Uh, you know, this is a really, it’s one of the busiest weeks of the year that I have. I love that I can like I had to literally write rest in my calendar. So I would remember to rest. So but I think you know, my practice is going to be to start the day grounded to check in with myself with spirit to put my feet on the earth and start the day grounded. So when I’m paddling like a duck underwater, the rest I will have started in a place of centeredness.

Shannon M. 54:55
And it helps so much you know, I really try as I go through the world with these interesting situations to not mean move too easily, you know, and spiritual wellness definitely helps with that. And starting off grounded, definitely helps with that. So

LaVerne Baker Hotep 55:11
can I say something about this baby born? The seventh seventh? This year, right? Yes, yes. So okay, so this baby is a two. So children who are who are coming into the world now in this with this two energy are coming to help usher into, to actually bring in this new way of bringing being this this feminine energy, which is about collaboration, cooperation, peace, building, teamwork, those kinds of things, that helps us going to help us move to where we need to be as a human species. And the children that are coming with the two energy coming in, in these 2000. But this baby is two with the zero behind it. So it’s like two with the god power. So these this, this child will be one of the ones who will, who came ready to to be this this piece. You talked about peace somewhere in your, in the beginning, you talked about wanting to be like Jesus and have his peace of being just knowing, you know, there’s a song in the church called Peace be still, you know. And so this this child is is a peace builder, you know, and has come to be one that brings peace shows peace.

Shannon M. 56:41
Yeah, he already does that. He’s already that way.

Christine Gautreaux 56:47
I love that so much. Well, LaVerne Baker Hotep, thank you so much for your time today. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for your wisdom. We are so excited to be connected with you. I personally as a friend and inner player, and now that you’re a part of our women connected in wisdom, co author, right co author, community members, speaker.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 57:12
It’s pretty awesome.

Christine Gautreaux 57:13
So grateful for you.

LaVerne Baker Hotep 57:15
Thank you so much for inviting me today. This was a great privilege. I’m so used to being on that side of the camera.

Christine Gautreaux 57:23
Speaking of we’re gonna put links to your podcast in our show notes, and we are going to put your numbers Is there any thing any other way that you want to let listeners know how to get a hold of you?

LaVerne Baker Hotep 57:36
Those those those two would be perfect. Okay. Yeah.

Christine Gautreaux 57:39
Great. Well, thank you so much, my friend.

Shannon M. 57:44
Thank you very much.

Christine Gautreaux 57:47
That was a great conversation. Yes. I loved

Shannon M. 57:51
it. Yeah. And I genuinely believe that everything works together, you know, everything falls together. So it can be difficult sometimes when you’re like, Oh, this is my faith. I want to be well in spiritual wellness. But this is this sounds like it makes sense. You know, I get that. And that’s why I love being connected to people who know different things. And maybe it’ll open a perspective and help you build your spiritual wellness instead of tearing it down or tearing you away from it. So clarity is important. And so we had to have action behind everything.

Christine Gautreaux 58:22
I agree. And that little reminder that I just snoozed literally just popped back up and it said rest now now, so I think that maybe our cue the chef

Shannon M. 58:36
no problem. Yep. So thank you ladies. We are going to rest thank you so much for being here for us for 78 episodes. Join us back live next week at five in the meantime, don’t forget, be well be wise, and the whole we’ll see you soon. Take care

Unknown Speaker 59:00
thanks for listening. This has been the women connected and wisdom podcast on air live on Wednesdays at 5 pm. Eastern via Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to like share and subscribe be part of the conversation and get connected at women connected in