Sula Milstead is, at the very heart of it all, a community builder. Her driving purpose is to facilitate and advocate for all living beings reaching and realizing their maximized potential and contribution. She has been a possibility coach and mentor for over 15 years focusing on self-care, knowing yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Sula was born and raised in a small town south of Dallas. She spent her formative years writing about everything that interested her, weaving all into stories, poetry, and life guides. She graduated from the University of Texas Dallas with a degree in Organizational Behavior, which she lovingly refers to as her People and Team Building degree. She spent 20 years in the corporate world holding a diverse range of positions in the fields of Human Resources, Non-profit, Finance Operations, and Software Training.

She has been committed to a self-care journey for 30 years and has participated in a wealth of self-improvement programs for 15 years focusing on coaching, effective communication, and self-clarity.

Sula is an advocate for full self-expression, a leader in artistic community festivals, a creator, and a facilitator of artistic spaces. She is a stand for living beings to be their whole authentic selves through self-exploration and self-care.

In her free time, she attends regional burns, and road trips as often as possible, and spends her downtime with her Siberian Husky, two cats, and many close friends.

You may connect with Sula at