For more than twenty years, Sacil (Suh-SEEL) Armstrong has combined facts and self-care to guide people through tough topics like racism and oppression and helped them shift their behavior to align with their beliefs.  Her clients report less anxiety and more confidence because they can identify issues more quickly and address them directly with knowledge and compassion. Her focus on self-care first helps clients get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can listen, accept facts they might otherwise avoid, and embrace personal change to support human rights.

She’s led marketing for a regional science museum, public relations and adult programming for a library  , and a grassroots movement to reduce violent crime in a low-income, high crime “neighborhood” of 30,000 people. As an award-winning facilitator and community program creator, she helps clients connect with themselves, one another, and information in ways that transform their thinking and behavior. As a teacher with intuition, she tunes in to group and individual client needs to encourage trust and learning. As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, she often combines abstract art and meditation with social justice work.

Sacil is the founder of Everyday Activism Habits, a membership community designed to heal with self-care, build confidence with knowledge, and stretch your comfort zone to stand against oppression.

You can connect with Sacil at