Jaylan Salah Salman is an Egyptian poet, translator, pharmacist, and visionary artist. She has published film criticism articles, short stories, poems, and translations for many on  and offline publications such as “TheCherryPicks,” “Vague Visages,” “Synchronized Chaos,” “Cinema Femme Magazine,” “Eye on Cinema,” and “Guardian Liberty Voice.” She won the “Bleed on the Page” Competition for Poetry and Prose for her piece titled “Poof, Vagina.” Her first poetry collection in English, “Work Station Blues,” was published by PoetsIN, a British publishing house to destigmatize mental illness and support international artists. Her second poetry book, “Bury My Womb on the West Bank,” was published in 2021 by Third Eye Butterfly Press and is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats. She participated in the Art & Mind project (ātac Gallery, Framingham, Massachusetts) with her poetry. 

Jaylan recently started her first web series on YouTube and Twitter, “The JayDays” where she comments with a dry sense of humor on movies, current events, and some ridiculous internet trends. Jaylan aspires to interview artists, poets, and riveting people whose art inspires her. She has translated five books. Her first Arabic short story collection, “Thus Spoke La Loba,” was published in 2016 by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture. Her debut Arabic novel “Bogart Play Me a Classic Melody” has made local critical acclaim. Her second Arabic novel “Rita’s Dance,” was published in 2022 by Noon for Publishing in paperback and ebook formats. 

 You can connect with her at: https://linktr.ee/jaylansalman