Dr. Waajida has a purpose and calling to cultivate purpose-driven leaders who create spaces for women to be successful and provide value to the world and those they serve. Her work centers on sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and experience, through coaching,teaching, and best practices to position career and entrepreneur women of color for success. Dr. Small is the founder and CEO of Capital Conscious U, a leadership development firm focused on supporting career and entrepreneur women to find and align their purpose with their work and business. 

Dr. Small holds a doctorate in Human Capital Management with a research emphasis on women of color and leadership. She is also a Certified Purpose Leader (CPL), Certified Human Capital Strategist (HCS), and certified professional coach (CPC) with specialties in life, leadership, career, and executive coaching. 

As the author of “Our Leadership Journey: Shared Stories, Lessons and Advice for Women of Color” she provides a resource guide with lessons, practical advice, and a roadmap on how to become a responsible leader and obtain a level of success that only women can define for themselves.

Dr. Small is passionate about helping women thrive in the workplace, in their businesses, and the world. Through her work as a board member, speaker, and volunteer with several nonprofit organizations she has broadened her vision to impact the lives of women across the globe.