Dr. Amanda Kemp, also known as Aminata Sol Plant Walker Fire Woman, graduated from Stanford University after surviving the NYC foster care system.  She is the founder of “Racial Justice from the Heart” and is the author of the Amazon best-seller Stop Being Afraid: 5 Steps to Transform Your Conversations about Racism. She had a spiritual awakening in 2021 when she received the message to stop everything and that the trees on her land wanted to adopt her.

Over the course of a two-year learning journey, she has been working with deeper truths underneath social justice, journeying with plants and fungi, and subsequently received her new names from an ancestor. She has since integrated the wisdom from trees into her Mother Tree Network podcast and community, and continues her deep apprenticeship to the Earth and the feminine divine.  

Amanda Aminata Sol works with women leaders rooted in social justice to slow down and reconnect with the earth’s wisdom.  She can also be found advising white land caretakers and healers on how to build relationships across race lines and transform white supremacy culture in their teaching and leadership.  

Her signature offering is “Sister Queens and the Tree,” a gathering and apprenticeship program for women leaders who are ready to slow down to decolonize their lives, heal their implicit racism, and reconnect with nature’s intelligence. 

You can connect with Aminata here: