Verna Darnel, f.k.a. LaVerne Baker Hotep is an Intuitive Numerologist, human potential expert, and founder of Numerology for Enlightened Living™, specializing in helping women worldwide to align their personal and universal soul purpose and reclaim their natural spiritual gifts through the ancient art and science of Numerology. She coaches individuals on how to interpret their name and birthdates to heal their past, tune in to their present, recognize innate abilities, and expand their creative potential.

Numbers are Verna’s passion, and bringing this knowledge to bear in the world is her purpose. With over thirty years of research and practice, it is her joy and privilege to have been led to study this fascinating science, and it is her sacred contract to analyze, interpret, and share the knowledge inherent in the language of numbers.

In addition to her vocation as a Numerologist, Verna is CEO of WELLWoman Innerprize™ (Women Empowered to Live Legacy) and hosts the WELLWoman Retreat™ in the U.S. and Belize. At Kingsley Association in Pittsburgh, she is founder and facilitator of Me2 Sister Circle, a self-care and enrichment group for moms, and creator and host of the podcast Black Girl Back Talk™: Stories of Racial Bias from Girlhood to Womanhood. You can connect with Verna at



Verna’s talk at the conference:

The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin

Through the logical and predictable beauty of the science of Numerology, Verna Darnel will highlight the profound and extraordinary ascent of the female in the modern world and why this is the time to be clear about the Divine Assignment we each are to contribute to this great turning as WELLWoman: Women Empowered to Live Legacy