Our story begins in Scotland…

In 2017, Melissa Bird was on a retreat in Scotland.

While she was there she had a vision of creating a space where people could come to reconnect to their bodies, to the land, and to their food.

What was born of this vision is The Mermaid’s Garden.

A retreat space and aquaculture farm nestled in the heart of the Linn County. It was with this vision in mind that Jim and Melissa began laying the groundwork for this revelatory space.

Dr. Melissa Bird and James Kelly are the co-founders of The Mermaid’s Garden, LLC. Melissa has spent the last 25 years creating community-based systems that improve the overall health of communities. James has spent the last three years as a student and research assistant at Oregon State University studying biology, marine biology, aquaculture, and ecology.

Melissa and James created The Mermaid’s Garden to provide people a place based on the rule of radical welcome, where everyone is invited to sit at their table.

You can connect with The Mermaid’s Garden here: