Author Melody LeBaron has resided in thirty homes in two countries. This vast spiritual geography gave Melody
appreciation for the gifts of each landscape and dwelling. As the oldest of seven children, Melody learned to
organize by helping her mother pack, unpack, and create order in each new home. In her twenties, Melody’s natural talent for organizing was augmented by systems training. In 2000, Melody became the first professional organizer in the US to receive Space and Personal Clearing training with Australian author and instructor Eric Dowsett. In the next five years of training, she learned how to dowse for and clear the stagnant, stuck energies and stresses affecting both land and homes. Also a Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki (Feng Shui of the birth date) practitioner, Melody has realized the radical importance of fully and powerfully partnering with our environments. Actively engaged in transforming space, self, and loss, Melody would love to help YOU up-level your home and workspace into success partners—so your space becomes your foundation of support as you give your legacy work to the world. For a free quiz that will help you assess the form, function, feeling and flow of chi in your home and workspace, visit her website.

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