Laurel Anne Stark is an acclaimed business consultant, multiple Entrepreneur of the Year nominee,
and founder of A longtime mental health advocate, Laurel is passionate about creating a world
where entrepreneurial women thrive in business, life, and everywhere in between.

In 2019, she founded, the only technology designed to support entrepreneurial women. She
shares, “We do it all, and now there’s a tool that does too.” provides entrepreneurial women with accountability partners, mastermind groups, business and well-being events and workshops, co-working sessions, a business directory, and productivity programming. Women no longer have to choose between self-care and getting stuff done. Laurel Anne’s vision is to get in the hands of one million self-employed women by 2030. She invites all readers to experience a free month of by using the coupon code: VIP30.

When she’s not working on her multiple businesses, you can find her learning to surf, learning Spanish, and hula hooping. Laurel splits her time between Mexico and Canada.

You can connect with Laurel Anne at


Laurel Anne will be speaking and giving a demo about the new research-based technology that provides help for entrepreneurial women at the Women Connected in Women Conference.