JoVantreis Tolliver Russell was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She received a bachelor’s degree in Biology
at Jackson State University (JSU), but her heart would ultimately lead her to take a different direction in her career. In the summer of 2012, JoVantreis moved to Atlanta
and enrolled in the Master’s in Organizational Development & Leadership program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Georgia campus). There she discovered a passion and divine calling for engaging the community through arts, outreach, and transparency. This divine energy inspired her to launch Open Hearts Open Minds Open Mouths LLC. JoVantreisis a naturally
engaging educator, facilitator, musician, and community organizer who leads with love while offering her talents and gifts in service to others. Jo aggressively advocates for the constituent voice while using her art as a platform to liberate the oppressed, misguided, and the disenfranchised. She has been recognized by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, as a Young Nonprofits Professional
Network’s 30 Under 30 Achievement 2017 Award recipient, as well as receiving Work for Good and Black 40 Under 40 Atlanta Awards. She currently spends a great deal of her time coaching and mentoring youth, serving on the board of Reforming Arts, teaching drum lessons, 122 Spiritual Wellness writing, recording music, and bringing local artists together. JoVantreis enjoys nature, a good book, playing video games, and spending time with her
husband, Austin, beautiful daughter, Ehzra, and newest bundle of joy Ehrmia.

You can connect with Jo at